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Posted 18 July 2009 - 03:56 PM

Q: So, what's the rating of the material in this mod?
A: The most suggestive content is probably equivalent to a PG-13 rating. Most, if not all of this material can be avoided through PC choices.

Q: Sarevok's not saying anything. What's wrong?

A: To begin the romance, the PC must talk to Sarevok.

Q: Hey, I somehow ended the romance, and now I can't turn it back on! What gives?
A: While the romance can be disabled at any point by talking to Sarevok, there is no way to turn the romance back on after it has been disabled or ended. Sarevok is not a yo-yo. I recommend saving fairly often.

Q: Is there any content for SoA?

A: No, this mod is for ToB only.

Q: Can I use my SoA character?
A: Either a new game with a fresh character or an existing character from an old game should work just fine.

Q: Do I have to play through Watcher's Keep?
A: No, but there are additional dialogs specific to that dungeon. It is extra and in no way required.

Q: Whoa, Sarevok's alignment didn't change! What did I do wrong?
A: Nothing. Sarevok does not undergo a change of alignment within this romance no matter what the PC does or says. That is normal.

Q: How often should I check the "Do you have a moment to talk?" list for new talks?
A: All of the talks are related to progression through the main story line, so I suggest checking the list after major events. The talks will not disappear until they have been discussed, however, so there is no need to worry about missing one if you wait or forget.

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