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Posted 26 May 2019 - 12:42 AM

This is one of my all-time favourite NPC expansion mods, and I can't thank Aeryn enough for her creative writing and apt characterisation of Sarevok. His is one of those rare relationships that really feel appropriate for a Charname whose heritage defines more about them than some nifty special powers, whether they reject it or embrace it, and I always thought ToB doesn't explore the roleplaying opportunities of this nearly enough. Together with Wheels of Prophecy, Iylos and Imoen mods, this Romance really goes a long way to bring ToB to life as the third installment it was meant to be.


While tastes differ and all, I found Aeryn's writing more erotic, in a pleasant way, than all those 'explicit' romance mods which just feel out of place. Little touches like the kiss after defeating Demogorgon represent Sarevok's character perfectly. Suffice to say that I hadn't even intended to go through the romance and just installed this mod for the initial interjections, but changed my mind very quickly when it simply... happened. I think it all feels very natural, contrary to what some people may say. I'm also really glad it wasn't written as a redemption story per se, even though the opportunity was there to hint at this for a possible future. I was thoroughly satisfied with the ascension ending - between Sarevok and Viconia the new Lady of Murder already packs quite some punch for her new cult. :D


I don't understand why this mod disables Sarevok's IEP Friendship talks, by the way. They are by the same author, complementary rather than repetitive in writing and conceptually compatible, seeing as they are triggered at different points in the game. I for one think the more Sarevok the better...

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