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Question Imoen

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Posted 23 April 2008 - 04:35 PM


PC: Hey Imoen, do you ever really...umm... miss Gorion?

Or after the whole Temple of Bhaal fight

PC:Do you ever wonder about your mother

Imoen:...Sometimes... why?

PC: I was thinking about what my mother said in the pocket plane. What do you think your mother was like?

Imoen: I used to imagine she was beautiful....That she had long pretty hair, emerald eyes, and...she was kind incredibly kind. Now ,<charname>, I don't know. Your mother told us so much...I mean they knew we were to be sacrificed didn't they? Did they regret it or did they regret the harpers stopping them.

1) I don't know Imoen...I wish I did
2)They were heartless! They were willing to kill their own children for an terrible god!
3)We shouldn't judge them Imoen... maybe they weren't bad at all and just confused.