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Something is crewy here

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Posted 18 September 2009 - 06:21 AM

Apparently, the romance doesn't want to continue.

I've already been to the Underdark and solved praticly everything. Still haven't confronted Bodhi.
Now, I got rid of  the 3 thugs Aliristan sends after her (long before Underdark) and I have been answering her riddles and stuff.

I saved the game and went to Bodhi, and she didn't kidnap her 8meaning, she's not considered a romance)

I've been looking up the GlobalVariables in ShadowKeeper and they are:
TAISHAMATCH                                         1
TAISHAKNOWS                                       3
TAISHAPLOT                                            1
TAISHAROMANCE                            814529
TAISHAROMANCEACTIVE                          1

Am  I missing something?
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