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Posted 17 November 2009 - 04:56 PM

Hello all, Im Midnight and I recently dusted off my copy of BG2 and Tob and gave them another go around. I was pleasantly surprised that this game of old still has a dedicated following, with tons of good (and not so good) mods to support it-This review focuses on one of my favortite NPC mods-Saerileth. Without preamble, let us dive right in. First off, this mod is professionally written quality-with a good portrait, music, dialogue, banters and flirts. The charector Saerileth is a 15 year old girl from the planes, sent on a mission to aid you and follow you around as she hunts for a celestial criminal. She isnt overpowered(very low str and con) and isnt set up skill wise initially to handle Carsomyr if you plan on using it. She presents some pros and cons right off. The biggest for most gamers (and the one that makes this a riskee mod) is she is 15 years old-if you plan on a romance and that bothers you, dont use this mod. That said, she is remarkably mature for a 15year old(more than most girls i know twice her age). If you can remember that its a game and from her culture that is the age that girls begin to get married-knock yourself out. She will talk to you -alot- too; if you dont like chatty npcs, dont run with her. She will follow your lead mostly, but she will keep you on the stright and narrow -hello! paladin here! Cross those lines and she walks. Ive tried several npc mods over the last 2-3 months and Saerileth is remarkably well written, with very few bugs ive found. She comes with some cross banter options for other npc mods, has some good interactions with the vanillia npcs (trust me, Viconia and Saerileth will NOT like each other), and in general will greatly enhance your game. Her quests in TOB are kinda light, but if you followed her romance, you and she will be discussing the future alot(kids, living locations, etc). I think she could use some better ToB content, diffinetly some more banters with the other group members some. But if your looking for a top quality npc mod and can enjoy working with one that defines the essence of a lawful good npc, than I highly reccommend you give this mod a try. Im currently giving it a second run to shake down any bugs, and the only major one ive coming across is the 2 stat books you get as a reward after killing demogorgon in watchers keep dont seem to work. In answer to that, just createitem book 07 and 08 and you can circumvent this for now till they fix it.
Im also reviewing Fade, Kelsey, and Keto next month, if your interested in catching my review then, even though im sure they have tons of reviews atm, just adding my 2 cents. Tilll then kids, Excelsior! -Midnight, mod reviewer

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