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Yarpen's feedback

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Posted 08 December 2009 - 07:01 PM

So: :ph34r:
- her item isn't protecting her against level drain. Also it (dunno why) displays on her portrait "level drained" icon. You can remove it but everytime you're loading save it's there. Again.
- someone who started modding can easily see that Ninde was once a Bhaalspawn... you know, Minor Larloch Drain, Horror and Vampiric Touch. Which evil children of Bhaal don't know these innate abilities gained when you're roaming around Sword Coast showing your brother who's badass number one. But really, you should remove these abilities.
- her dialogues are usually great... but when it's about joining dialogue, there exists a sort of scheme. Just before ending it, your character can always tell to NPC that he's looking for his childhood friend Imoen or for Irenicus, mad wizard. Ninde already can know that, but still, why breaking the immersion please?
- maybe can you lend to her some robe. It's quite chilly in these dungeons. Mwah, that's quite personal stuff because currently I'm in underdark and she still don't have any robe.
- can I refine a bit Ankh's bam? it looks rather... undeveloped.
- one quite big request. I usually beg for that in most of NPC mods, because in my opinion it's killing the immersion between original game and mod. Is there a possibility of making flirt/chat-pack as optional component? :ph34r:

Ninde at overall is great NPC, one of the best written which I've ever seen. She has great portrait, great and quite funny dialogues, intriguing story... but still, if author of this mod can work on it, it will show it's overall potential which is quite huge. I'm looking forward for squashed bugs, voicing, optional flirtpack and of course .tra files for making delicious translation. Yummy.

Damn, I've alway NINJ4 mania at this forum. Sorry. :ph34r: (D4v3 t00 much M3g4t0ky0).