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Skipping certain paperdolls

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#1 -Scribblette-

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Posted 07 January 2010 - 11:43 PM

Hi! While the 1pp mod brings some good graphics to the table (bucklers & shields I love the most, really), I really miss my old half orc paper doll - the default one. As I haven't experienced enough BG to know exactly what is changed otherwise and didn't mind the original paperdolls, I tried just installing the items step by step in the normal installer, and skipping the paperdolls.

All the items show up fine. In the right places and all. They show up in game as well.

However, the paperdoll for the human rogue was installed as well. Not sure how or why, or whether it might've meant troubles down the line. So... I just installed everything, the following updates, etc. Playing BGTutu anyway, so may as well have it look like it was meant to to begin with.

Anyway, the question, then, if the above is too messy: Does anyone know how I can revert just the half-orc paperdoll?

Also, is there documentation somewhere around here that clearly shows the differences before and after (rather than just, "before" in the collage thread)?

Thanks :)

Install order:
1. ~One Pixel Productions: v2 Everything but Potions (1)~
2. ~One Pixel Productions: v2 New Potion Graphics (2)~
3. ~One Pixel Productions: v3 Flaming Swords (3)~
4. ~One Pixel Productions: v3 Flame Short Swords (4)~
5. ~One Pixel Productions: v3 Flame Short Swords item patches (5)~
6. ~One Pixel Productions: v3 Flame Short Swords mod item patches (6)~
--- initially SKIPPED, later all reinstalled from scratch ----
7. ~One Pixel Productions: v3 Paperdolls (human, half-orc, elven, halfling, dwarven) (7)~
8. ~One Pixel Productions: v3 Legacy Shields - Bucklers (D1) (8)~
9. ~One Pixel Productions: v3 Legacy Shields - Small Shields (D2) (9)~
10. ~One Pixel Productions: v3 Legacy Shields - Medium Shields (D3) (10)~
11. ~One Pixel Productions: v3 Colourable Quarterstaves core (11)~
12. ~One Pixel Productions: v3 Colourable Quarterstaves core item patches(12)~
13. ~One Pixel Productions: v3 Colourable Quarterstaves mod patches (13)~

1pp avatars.
1pp female dwarves etc
1pp thieves galore
palette generator (turns out this doesn't actually do a thing for the end user, right? Only for people who edit etc?)
1pp ext pal.

#2 Erephine


    leit a lfi

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Posted 08 January 2010 - 12:49 AM

I'm not sure whether it will show up as intended (might look weird with the equipped items), but you can revert the paperdolls by deleting files matching the pattern CO***INV.PLT from your override folder (located in your install directory).

For the half-orc thieves you'd have the problem that the original game does not have paperdolls for thieves in chain mail or heavy armour (support for which is added by the thieves galore component) so they would show up blank if you equipped those.

You *could* make duplicates of the second armour level from the original paperdolls for them, but I don't know if you're familiar with NI or something like that :)

There should be some screenshots with the package's readme. The palette generator isn't generally needed as an end user, yes. That's not to say it doesn't have its uses; if you wanted to give your character some colours you can't from the in-game interface you can find and test them with the tool, or just play around until you find something neat. :)


#3 -Scribblette-

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Posted 08 January 2010 - 01:57 AM

Augh, my bird hit the back button my mouse and deleted my reply.

I think I was saying - THANKS! Not familiar with NI at all, just an end user having fun with the game. Bought it ten years ago (along with the CE of BG2) and never actually got anywhere! Level 1 mages for someone who actually thinks magic missile might help them = not much fun at all against a swarm of xvarts. Heh. Half-orc berserker, evil-ish conjurer occasionally, so I don't expect to be using a half-orc thief for a long while yet.

I'll try the deleting a little later - for now I'm just going to wander around Beregost a bit further and see if the fact it's still broad daylight when everyone is asleep in their homes at Hour 23 (wouldn't that be 11pm?) is a bug.

The other odd thing about Beregost - the Environmental Audio stuff, EAX is all strange. Why would our voices echo like that in Beregost?

#4 -Scribblette-

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Posted 08 January 2010 - 05:39 PM

Ah, the new helmets don't sit quite as well on the old paperdolls as on the new ones, so I'm sticking with the new ones. :)

In case it's related to 1pp... has anyone else noticed that Rashel at the Temple east of Beregost has her hair and outfit in one pure flaming red? No details of her outfit are at all visible. Just a red... mage robe... thing. I don't know if that was just done to make her look good, or whether it might be a bug.

#5 Erephine


    leit a lfi

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Posted 09 January 2010 - 03:48 AM

No, that's not something 1pp does.

I've looked at her character file on my old Tutu install and her colours are indeed set to solid red. It's modded content from the BG1 NPC Project, so you'd have to ask them why it's like that :)