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Posted 10 March 2010 - 05:56 AM

Anyone who is interested in translating the aTweaks mod into a foreign language should send me a Private Message so that I grant him/her Workroom access. FYI, all dialogue, item descriptions and any other in-game text introduced by this mod is present in the aTweaks.TRA file which resides in the aTweaks\TRA\ENGLISH folder. Therefore, you only need to translate the contents of this file into your language and send me a copy so that I can include your translation into the next revision of the mod. If you have any additional questions regarding the translation process, feel free to post them in the comments thread. The current status of the known translations for the aTweaks mod is listed in this thread. All entries have been color coded in accordance to their status:

Green = the translation has been completed and is now fully integrated into the latest version of the mod
Blue = the translation is available but it is slightly outdated (the larger part is fully functional, any missing lines will be displayed in English)
Orange = the translation has been formally announced on the forum and is currently being worked on
Red = a translation exists but it is highly outdated and not compatible with the latest version of the mod
Grey = the translation may be worked on, but it has not been formally announced on the forum

Currently available/announced translations:
  • French - completed (by Galathée, Mornagest and Graoumf of the d'Oghmatiques)
  • Spanish - completed (by Immortality, Clan DLAN, William Imm and Lisandro)
  • German - slightly outdated (by Cronox and Leomar)
  • Italian - completed (by Andrea C., ilot, Stoneangel)
  • Russian - completed (Alina from Aerie.ru; Prowler, Hawkmoon, Njkzy & Silent from Arcanecoast.ru)
Useful tools:
  • TREP (v1.1) [link] - this program allows you to manage and translate TRA files efficiently by offering a user-friendly graphical interface
  • Dialogue Checker (v1.0) [link] - a tool that allows translators or modders to check and edit files on the fly in search for dialog errors

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