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DM: BG-2 female pics

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#1 Borimur

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Posted 27 May 2010 - 03:11 PM

File Name: BG-2 female pics
File Submitter: Borimur
File Submitted: 27 May 2010
File Updated: 27 May 2010
File Category: Custom Content

These are some of the pics i use in BGII game.None of these images are original to me by any means.They are all pics i have downloaded from various game and art websites, cropped and resized.They are 110x170,38x60 bmp female images.Mostly human,elves and half elves.To use in your game simply unzip the folder and drag the ones you want to use over into the BGII portraits folder.Some may have to be renamed.Enjoy.


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