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Posted 07 July 2010 - 08:32 PM

Hi again all, Midnight here to do my official review of Ninde. Ninde is an attractive female elf wizard, specializing in necromancy. Mysterious, flirtatious, dangerous-what secrets does this woman have and will you live long enough with her around to find out? Lets dive right in and find out!
Ninde is a bg2 npc mod by Deva and K'aeloree of spellhold studios. She is a female elf, NE, with avg stats-(str9, dex15,con10,int16,wis16,chr15). She can be romanced by males of all races and alignments with chr 13+, after they side with Aran Linvail of the shadow thieves. She can be found in Bodhi's vampire lair in the graveyard, on the first level, at the blood pool containing the mace of disruption. She is fairly balanced in terms of power and provides a good caster npc all said and done.
Pros-She comes with a fixed necklace, an ankh that provides her with some special abilities. The rest you can gear out as you wish. Her romance is quite entertaining, but also has a friendship track for those not interested in wooing her. Original portrait included, 3-4 banters with all vanilla npcs, 1 encounter in level six.
Cons-the ankh can be a con in the sense that she wont remove it and there are some good necklaces for casters in the game-I think it originally protected from level drain but it has had some bugs with it-the current fix can provide 100% immunity to poison. You will need to download the Ninde ankh hotfix.rar (see page 2 of her forum and look up Gen1e's reply for the link). No crossmod banter -at this time. No ToB content -again, not at this time. Needs a voice actress! Make SURE to keep alot of saves with her-some of the lovetalks only fire at certain times and/or places (lovetalk 13 only in underdark for instance). I would read up on her lovetalks here on the forums before playing, or you can end up going too fast like I did and having to go back to much earlier save points. Rare occasions of npcs not spawning when they should, npc in chapter six comes to mind.
Overview-I would recommend Ninde! For all her saves and love talk firing issues, Ninde is HIGHLY well thought out and written. She is a lying, conniving, manipulative woman who will use you and anyone else she can to get ahead in this world and make you feel great about it. She is what Vaconia -should- have been in my view. Born to nobility but living in the twilight world of thieves, assassins and vampires, she will make you keep multiple saves just to see her different takes on situations as they occur. She had me wondering till the very end of bg2 if she was going to fall in love with my character or cut his throat. She can work well with good or evil parties, gets along well with Viconia and Haer Dalis'. She is the persona incarnate of wicked, naughty, and evil girls you all loved and hated at the same time. If I had my wish-it would be for the following improvements for her-she needs a sexy voice actress bad! Tob content asap, love talk firings smoothed a tad, cross mod banters (esp with CoMs Miriam Delsol of Vampire Tales as they have so much in common, albeit from different angles). And the ankh hot fix incorporated into the next version. If you want an evil caster for a change of pace, or just want to try a wickedly delicious romance, you should give Ninde a try soon. With me, Ninde earned a solid 7 out 10(bordering on 8).
PS-all reviews are opinions based on x2 walkthroughs, how much I enjoyed the character and their story, interactions with vanilla npcs, writing style, bugs, and character flexibility. I am not connected with SPH or the writers of the mod. My scale of mods ranges from 1-10, with 5 being middle of the road average. 1 being the worst, 10 being the best. Ninde was a fun mod to play and I thank her designers for the good work on her! -thanks all for reading my review. Until next time, Excelsior!