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Version 1.0.5 is available

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Posted 09 October 2010 - 09:53 AM

Version 1.0.5 of Epic Endeavours is available since several months, but there was no announcement. Here are the Isaya's changes from the last one (v1.0.3):

- update to WeiDU v208
- addition of a separate Mac version of the mod. You shall thank Eric P. whose interest in the mod on Mac OS X pushed me to do it
- a few installation changes to accomodate Mac and Windows versions in a single TP2 file
- tried a new approach to solve the bug where the game remains in cutscene mode when starting a mission or in the middle of mission 3 (for some people, especially with Shadows of Amn only). Hopefully it will work not only on my computer...
- special thanks to CLB and madbob for bug reports and to CLB, Graoumf and Steve for their help and tests

- update to WeiDU v215, including several benefits (translated readme displayed as install time, version in WeiDU.log)
- polish translation added

The new version is avalaible from the Spellhold Studios Download Center.

Enjoy Posted Image

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