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DM: Blankenmarch Home

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Posted 12 November 2010 - 06:14 AM

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File Name: Blankenmarch Home
File Submitter: Zaldir
File Submitted: 12 Nov 2010
File Category: Houses

Blankenmarch Home
Final Version
By Zaldir with Hypergames2K8

This is my first attempt on making a cell and a quest.
It adds a new house in the little, not-so-well-known village of Blankenmarch, located North-East of Leyawiin.
This is a player owned house and is made mostly for new characters.

North-East of Leyawiin there is a little village called Blankenmarch.
This village consists of three houses, now four.

Extract all files to (default) 'c:\program files\Bethesda Softworks\oblivion\data'.

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