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DM: Benirus Manor Remade

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Posted 12 November 2010 - 06:19 AM

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File Name: Benirus Manor Remade
File Submitter: Zaldir
File Submitted: 12 Nov 2010
File Updated: 12 Nov 2010
File Category: Houses

Benirus Manor Remade
Version 2.6.1
By Zaldir with Hypergames2K8

This mod fixes the Benirus Manor garden to look a little nicer, by adding flowers, fixing the walls, and so on.
It also fixes up the inside of the manor by changing the lighting to make it less creepy. And the basement has also gone through a change with some lighting altering and removal of the ugly stuff.

Extract all the files to (Default) "program files\Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion"

Delete the "Benirus Manor Remade.esp" from your Data folder.

Open Cities - Since the cells is changed in OC, this just won't work together. I am working on a fix for this though.

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  • Added more lights to the bottom of the basement.
  • Removed all bones & other stuff from the basement.
  • Replaced altar in the basement with a spellmaking-thingy.
  • Replaced the rock in the secret basement with a door.
  • Added some new things in the bottom of the basement.

  • Changes I've made will now take effect when leaving the basement instead of as soon as the Benrius Manor quest is done.


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