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How to detect uses of custom secondary types

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Posted 12 November 2010 - 02:07 PM

A common trick when creating advanced spell effects is to use Secondary Types (or Schools) to allow for advanced dispelling patterns and whatnot (the details of this are besides the scope of this tutorial).

The traditional method to do this was to pick a random number for your Secondary Type (or School). This has a compatibility drawback - if another mod picked your random number, the spells of the two mods would dispel each other (or other troubles).

The solution to this problem is to use the WeiDU command ADD_SECTYPE (or ADD_SCHOOL) to reserve a secondary type for your spells; this ensures that spells added by mods that use ADD_SECTYPE won't clash between them.

Converting a large mod to use ADD_SECTYPE might be non-trivial if lots of spells use custom secondary types - you have to check which effects in spells and items protect from, dispel, or reflect your custom secondary type. This tp2 snippet will scan all .eff, .spl, .itm and .cre files to see which files use which custom secondary types, and the offset where the sectype is used (note: the offset will be printed in decimal, not hexadecimal).


You still need to remember (or figure out) what your custom sectype(s) do, add an ADD_SECTYPE for each custom sectype to your tp2, and make sure that, when you copy/create/patch each file, you use the custom sectype instead of the old one you hardcoded in (most likely, by adding one or more WRITE_SOMETHING when copying your file to the override, but your situation might require more advanced patching).

I hope you'll find this code useful, and don't hesitate to provide comments or corrections.

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