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Tashia Mod Review

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#1 Zyraen

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Posted 03 January 2011 - 12:09 AM

Wow. I feel Stupid (see next para)

Tashia was one of the first NPC mods I ever installed and played through to the end, that was probably 2004 or 2005, maybe? I didn't bother with modding or forums back then, and I don't remember ever reviewing the mod. Anyway, I was thinking to post a mod review for the 12 Days Review competition, so I actually did a Search on Google for "Tashia Mod forum". Imagine my amusement when I saw.. woah, its here! At SHS Forums roflmao.

Anyway, on to the Review proper.

My memory is a little fuzzy as its been a long time since I played the mod, or indeed any NPC mod playthrough bar whatever I play to test my mods. I haven't played a lot of NPCs, but I've tried various NPCs including Chloe, Kelsey, Keto, Saerileth, Solaufein, Tsujatha, Valen, Imoen Romance (by Lord Mirrabo) and some others that I can't remember. I'll need to check what version my Tashia was but I'll say this.

Out of all the NPCs, Tashia is probably the Most Endearing, Lighthearted and overall Enjoyable Romanceable Mod NPCs I've ever played for BG2. This remains true till today.

Tashia was my first modded romance played in BG2, the first romance I took immediately after getting the NPC for the first time, and played to the end of SoA. No ToB then, I think. She's also the first Modded romance I ever re-played, in at least 2 other games apart from my first replay. In my mind, when I think of good BG2 NPC Mod, Tashia comes foremost to mind. (probably because I'm a male Player and most of my PCs are also male).

In some detail, I recall Tashia actually needs some proper talking to to join you. Out of all the NPCs that I've played, she's probably the first that didn't really want to join me, I had to talk to her to get her on her feet. Her voicing was decent, and she didn't speak too uncommonly

Banter-wise, she asked intelligent, inquisitive questions, rather than volunteering too much information about herself, and seemed content to just chat along the way. She wasn't overbearing, didn't go out of her way to put anyone down or show up anyone else, and seemed a very decent, well-behaved party member with a few emotional baggages. And when she got more over those, she tested me with her riddles, and just when I thought everything was in order, she dumped me for her ex. And a short while later I would go and retrieve her and start the romance proper. It was very realistic, drama-thing, and I might be weird but loyalty does appeal to me in some way. It makes the NPC "alive" to have something else outside of the PC's world (like Keldorn's family, Jan's family), even if he was a Crooked Pain in the Ass.

Plus, she didn't have much Action Text. Yes, I find Action Text 4th wall breaking, it gives me a "hey, you're playing a mod" feeling. And she didn't have hardly any of it (back then I think), and I ADORED that.

As a side note, Tashia was also one of the Romances that obliged me to install the Happy Romance (was it called that?) mod.

Ok, the Critical part. She didn't interject that much, but I think that was probably due to her more observational nature, and I didn't mind it much, though more could be nice. A few things I never quite understood and I think could be expanded on - her backstory and her relationship with.. I forgot his name, lol. Started with A I think. The Bad-Guy. Her backstory could be fascinating and I'd like to figure out what actually makes her an Elven Sorceress, and if she knows any of those tree-hugging green dudes in Suldanessellar (it seemed like No, she gives me a High Elf feel). Her pic could be more Baldurised and took some getting used to, but I grew to like it anyway.

Overall, and this is overdue by probably at least 6 years if not much more, I love this mod very much and would like to thank the creators of Tashia for making a wonderful mod. Who knows, if not for her I might have lost interest in playing Mods and hence probably never had modded anyway!

Thank you so much :) and sorry for the late review. Yes, I'm a modder now and I know what its like to be faced with nothing but silence after days if not weeks and months of work.

Misc Ratings
I can't recall about what someone else used somewhere, but I liked it so I'll try to do my own set of stuff here.

Balance / Useability : 8/10
very usable, handy Sorceress abils. decent Stats

Gear : 8/10
Nothing super-powered or too powerful, I think just a Mage Robe and a +1 or +2 Staff. plus a quaint custom item (don't recall using it)

Banter / Personality : 7/10
Likeable, pleasant, easygoing. a bit hidden by her not-much-mentioned background and her riddles, but otherwise pretty great. Her emotional baggage makes her more real, and I'm glad she doesn't put it out like some other elf does, but I wonder without it, what is she really like?

Non-Mary-Sue : 9/10
Has her own set of emotional baggage, she doesn't know everything that's going on, doesn't try to predict things (and definitely not correctly), and (I think) doesn't know Yoshimo is working for Irenicus. She obviously doesn't know enough to get back without being retrieved by me. She doesn't put other NPCs down flat-out down too, I hate those "my NPC is superior than all Biowares and wins all the arguments too, including with Edwin, Viconia, Jaheira" mod types.

Interjections : 6/10
I don't recall enough that stands out. Probably there were some, I'm sure there were, but you know, more interjections the merrier! Well, not always, but she strikes me as a "bubbly when familiar and quiet when not" type of character.

NPC Quest : 8/10
Tasteful, short, well-timed. Enough to make me go "Argh!" when it happens, and a good timing in the main plot. Loved it, can't help but want more though :)

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#2 Shaitan

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Posted 03 January 2011 - 01:38 AM

Hmm better try Tashia sometime :)

Good review

#3 Yovaneth


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Posted 03 January 2011 - 11:53 AM

I did - once - and I can add something to Zyraen's review. With the proper script she's lethal on the battlefield.


#4 Shaitan

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Posted 03 January 2011 - 12:34 PM

I also have to try your scripts someday :)

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