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Conductor Kit

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Posted 03 January 2011 - 08:11 AM


File Name: Conductor.zip
File Submitter: Zyraen
File Submitted: 04 Jan 2011
File Updated: 04 Jan 2011
File Category: Kit Mods

Conductor Kit for Bards
v 1.00
by Zyraen

Every Conductor sparks a most enchanting charm that they use to electrify their audiences in every sense of the word. Just through their performances, Conductors can channel electricity and possibly even set alight all those who incur their wrath, and their mastery of Electrical and Lightning spells is unparalleled even when compared against Mages.
However, their limitations are many. Their art requires use of small single-handed weapons, the proper timing means they may not be quick on their feet while performing, and since their calling is to be the centre of attention, a Conductor can never use invisibility of any sort.

Advantages :
- Damaging Bard Songs progressing as follows
5 : Bard Song damages nearby opponents for 1d6 electrical damage on failed Save vs Spells
9 : Bard Song damages nearby opponents for 2d6 electrical damage on failed Save vs Spells -1
14 : Bard Song damages nearby opponents for 2d6 electrical damage and 2d6 fire damage on failed Save vs Spells at -2
- Gains 10% Electrical Resistance every 5 levels, up to 50% Max
- Auto-Learns special Electrical / Lightning Spells at various levels
- HLAs includes Conductor Song Upgrades, Conductor Resistance, Proficiencies, and Conductor Spell Upgrades

Disadvantages :
- Bard Song sets the Conductors movement speed to half of normal
- may not have Proficiency Points in any weapons or styles except Short Sword, Dagger, Single Weapon Style.
- may not ever become Invisible, Hidden, Unseen, or anything to the effect of making them invisible
- Offhand Thac0 has a permanent -7 Penalty
- HLAs excludes all Use Any Item, all Traps, standard Enhanced Bard Song, Alchemy and Potion-making

Conductor Special Spells
- Charged Magic Missiles (level 1) : 1d4 Electrical Damage per missile. learned only at level 9.
- Lightning Glyph (level 2) : Wizard version of Glyph of Warding
- Conductor's Insulation (level 2) : grants 70% Electrical Resistance. lasts 10 turns.
- Lightning Blast (level 3) : Everyone in a 30' radius of caster, including allies, takes 10d6 Lightning damage.
- Conductor's Chain (level 4) : same as normal Chain Lightning, just 2 levels lower
- Lightning Storm (level 5) : Wizard version of Call Lightning, except it is usable indoors
- Conducive Surge (level 5) : single target spell, target takes -4 to Save vs Spells, -30% Lightning Resist, -30% Fire Resist, lasts 15 rounds.

Optional Component :
Haer'Dalis the Conductor
I always felt the class suited him better anyway. Now he can literally be the centre of Attention.

Note : I just put it under Hidden Kits as its too minor to warrant its own forum. Its definitely NOT a Hidden Kit.

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