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Frequently Asked Questions

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Posted 08 February 2011 - 04:40 PM

Q: Where do I pick her up?
A: You must complete both the Shadow Druid and Dao Genie quests in Trademeet, and then venture into Vyatri's pub. She'll make herself known to you.

Q: Is she very talkative?
A: Moderately, yes. She has many interjections and dialogues throughout SoA and ToB--though she'll be a little more reticent in ToB for various reasons.

Q: Does she have a quest?
A: No, she doesn't.

Q: She has no sound! What's up with that?
A: I decided not to worry about voicing with Nephele. If you think you have a suitable voice and would like to do it, let me know! I'd love for her to be voiced--it's just not a priority.

Q: She told me to mind my manners and left the party! What do I do?
A: Start a new game? If you're making her that upset, I doubt you really want to play with her anyway. If you do, you'll just have to start over.

Q: I want to kick her in the face, my GOSH SHE IS SO ANNOYING.
A: Feel free to kick her out of the party! Nephele isn't for everyone. Jeez, she even annoys me at times, and I wrote her!

Q: Does she have any major arguments with other NPCs?
A: While she won't leave the party, she does have several arguments with other NPCs, notably Cernd and Jaheira.

Q: Have you got any plans to expand the mod or add new dialogues?
A: Not right now, but I'm pretty fond of the character, so you never know! You can probably expect at least a few new dialogues over subsequent releases.

Q: There are no player initiated dialogues, and this makes me sad! Why did you leave them out?
A: Mainly because I am not, myself, a huge fan of PID. However, if people would like me to add PID to Nephele, I would be happy to do so. Just give me some ideas for talks or questions!

Q: I've got an idea for something I think you should add!
A: Great! Send your idea to me and I'd be happy to see what I can do.

Q: I'd like to translate Nephele into another language, can you TRAify the mod?
A: I generally leave the first few releases of a mod un-TRAified because dialogue errors are easier to spot that way, but if you really want to translate the mod I'd be happy to TRAify it. Just let me know.

Q: Is she going to have crossmod with other NPCs?
A: If you install her after other NPCs, she actually has some now--the current list is: Darian, Iylos, Faren, Ninde, Xulaye. Expect more to be added in future!

Q: Can I write crossmod with Nephele?
A: Sure, like all of my NPCs Nephele is free for anyone to write crossmod with--you don't need my permission to do so or anything ridiculous like that. If you'd like me to check over your banter(s), I'd be happy to.