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Restarting the Romance

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#1 -Ictor-

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Posted 18 March 2011 - 03:36 PM

So I'm trying to start Tashia's romance. The problem is that no commands seem to work. I've browsed through this forum and I've used:

SetGlobal("TashiaRomance", GLOBAL,1)

Even the GetGlobal don't work and I can't check on which lovetalk I'm currently and what is the status of the romance. Surely it is me that is doing something wrong but I have no idea what. The only reply on the console is:
lua: call expression not a function
Active stack:
Active stack:

Please help :(

#2 Neane

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Posted 25 March 2011 - 07:00 PM

Q: How do I resume a dead romance?
To restart the romance, just set the global NameRomanceActive to 1 or 2 (1 is flirting, 2 is an exclusive relationship).

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Did you check to see if the CLUAConsole is:


To get your current number just do either:


Also: Some NPC romance and romance add-ons are made so you have to be romancing before you cheat.

Example: The Imoen Romance Mod will not allow you to have

CLUAConsole:SetGlobal("ImoenRomanceActive","Global",1) when you are in the first map of the game. Instead, it happens after the first romance talk in the first map and then changes to 4 until you are in the underdark with will change it to 1 and then if you have the correct number of Kindess Points you will progess to 2.
And if you break-up with Imoen, you get 3 in which she's mad at you.( Kindness Point will matter in the TOB part.)

Romance Numbers:

1 Romance Talks

2 Romance Active

3 Romance Dead

4 Romance on StandBy

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