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Posted 23 July 2011 - 10:03 AM

File Name: InfinityKits
File Submitter: EmPhasis
File Submitted: 23 Jul 2011
File Updated: 23 Jul 2011
File Category: Miscellaneous Released Mods

InfinityKits v0.9b

Bonus kits for Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal.


Extract all files to the BGII install folder.
Run Setup-IK.exe and follow the prompt.



These bards are fascinated with fire all its aspects. They are able to sacrifice many other things, to know anything more about it or to see it in new form. Just like fire, their nature is very chaotic and as time passes, they become more and more like the objects of their fascination, and finally are set alight with real fire. It is hard to say if it is their gift or their curse.

- Starts with 20% resistance to fire
- 2% resistance to fire and +1% resistance to magic fire every level
- May cast Burning Hands once per day (starts at level 6)
- May cast Melf's Minute Meteors and Flame Arrow once per day (starts at level 12)
- May cast Fire Shield (Red) and Fire Ball once per day (starts at level 15)
- May summon Fire Elemental once per day (starts at level 20)
- May cast Meteor Shower / Fire Storm once per day (starts at level 30)
- Becomes a Fire Elemental at level 20, gaining +1 to damage.

- -1% resistance to cold and magic cold every level
- -5 to maximum hitpoints every 10 levels
- When leveling up, there is a 50% chance he goes Berserk
- Can only be of a Chaotic alignment
- Maximum Spell Slots for every level is set to 2

This group of warriors copy the movements of the enemies, and are also known as Silver Glows. They become like a mirror, but even then they have their weaknesses. Those warriors are extremely vulnerable to crushing damage, but in return they are gifted with spell-like abilities and resistance to every other types of attacks. Yet by following the path of the Silver Mirrors, a man becomes more and more misleading, loses his own character, and behaviors becomes even more away from good either evil.

- May cast Reflected Image once per day (starts at level 1)
- 1% resistance to every type of damage for every level, except for crushing damage
- May cast Mirror Image once per day (starts at level 5, extra uses at levels 12 and 24)
- May cast Mislead once per day (starts at level 18, extra uses at level 34)
- May cast Simulacrum once per day (starts at level 26)
- +1 Charisma every 14 levels (starts at level 14)

- -2% Resistance to Crushing damage every level
- -2 Hitpoints every level
- May not be of a Lawful Alignment
- Alignment is changed to True Neutral at level 20

These thieves are informants and mediators trained by master actors. They have high oratorical abilities, impeccable etiquette and effortlessly assimilates into almost every organization. They always remain impartial to remain beyond suspicion, and are educated to always remain as an observer, existing only to sell information. They are convincing and persuasive, gaining all kinds of information about people, places and items.

- +3 bonus to Lore every level
- May cast Friends once per day every 5 levels (starts at level 1)
- May cast Identification once per day (starts at level 5, extra uses at levels 10 and 20)
- May cast Know Alignment and Farsight once per day (starts at level 10, extra use at level 14)
- May cast Charm Person once per day (starts at level 12, extra uses at levels 16 and 22)
- May cast Shadow Door once per day (starts at level 14, extra uses at levels 18 and 28)
- May cast Raven Eye (similar to Wizard's Eye) once per day (starts at level 16)
- May cast Raven Map (similar to Clairvoyance) once per day (starts at level 18)
- May cast Dimension Door once per day (starts at level 20)

- May only be of a True Neutral Alignment
- Only 15% per level to distribute on Thieving abilities
- Cannot set snares

These druids are especially trained in control of water. They are able to affect water in nature, making them potentially dangerous enemies. They are also able to find streams in even the worst environments like in dry areas and caves.

- May use Water Staff once per day (starts from level 3), which summons a Staff made of Water that grows in power with the Caster
- May use Drying once per day (starts from level 8), a spell-like ability that inflicts 10 damage. Creatures who do not have water in them are resistant to Drying.
- May use Hypothermia once per day (starts from level 10), a spell-like ability that freezes the water in the target, inflicts 10 damage and slows the target for 20 seconds. Creatures who do not have water in them are resistant to Drying.
- May shapeshift into a Water Elemental once per day (starts from level 16)
- May use Extinction once per day (starts from level 18), which immediately kills all Fire Elementals, Mephits and Imps within a 10' radius of the caster.

- No other shapeshifting abilities
- May only be proficient with Quarterstaff and Sling

Stray Dogs are bards who were never trained in magic. They do not come from any school of bards, and are nothing more but vagabonds with with skills in speech and "artful" hands. Even though they have never really trained their voices, they have some skills in singing, which they employ to earn some money. If their song is not good enough to make a living, the bard can still pick pockets during the "unsuccessful" performance. Although they aren't capable spellcasters, they have more skills in physical fighting than most bards. Their fighting style is simillar to Blade's, but they lack their ability in two-weapon fighting styles.

- May gain Mastery in any weapon that is usably by bards
- +2 HP every level
- +1 Movement Rate every 3 levels (starting from level 1)
- May shapechange into a Dog once per day (starts from level 4)
- May use Alliance once per day (starts from level 5), which summons a powerful Dog which grows in power with the Caster
- May use Berserk once per day (starts from level 6). It lasts for 60 seconds, grants +2 To Hit, +2 Damage, -2 AC, Immunity to Charm, Hold, Fear, Maze, Imprisonment, Stun, Sleep. It also grants 15 temporary Hitpoints that are taken away at the end of the Berserk spree, possibly killing the user.
- May use Offensive State once per day (starts from level 8). It lasts for 24 seconds, grants +2 To Hit, +2 Damage, an Extra Attack and all attacks do Maximum Damage
- May use Defensive State once per day (starts from level 10). It lasts for 24 seconds, roots him to the spot but grants -1 AC per level of experience, to a maximum of -10 AC.
- May use Deep Breath once per day, (starts from level 12), which cures 20 Hitpoints and adds +4 To Hit for 20 seconds.

- Cannot cast any spell
- Bardsong does not improve with new levels.

These paladins hide their magical heritage for fear of rejection from their Orders. Due to their origin, they have some small magical abilities based on basic tricks learned by their exiled mothers. Abandoning their own roots which are not always of a 'good' origin, many of the Witch's Bastards stand out due to their strong connection with different spectres and phantoms.

- 10% Magic Resistance
- May cast Larloch's Minor Drain once per day (starting from level 5)
- May cast Vampiric Touch once per day (starting from level 10)
- May cast Polymorph Other and Contagion once per day (starting from level 12)
- May cast Stigma once per day (starting from level 16), a spell-like ability similar to Death Spell but with a 15% chance of losing 1 Reputation point
- May cast Call the Soul (starting from level 20), a spell-like ability similar to Resurrection but causes 20 points of damage to the caster

- Cannot 'Turn Undead'
- Maximum strength is 17
- Maximum constitution is 17

These elves are thieves/warriors/bards who sacrifice themselves to become one with the wind. They concentrate on becoming closer and closer to the wind at any cost, to travel with it, by it and through it. By becoming closer to wind, they also loses some of their vitality in exchange for nimblness. Yet there are also serious effects - they think only about themselves and the wind, and eventually only about the wind, so there is no room for goodness in their hearts ; they seek to become as light as possible, despite the price and sacrifice.

- -2 AC Bonus
- -1 weapon speed factor every 5 levels (starting from level 1)
- May use Blow once a day (starting from level 5), an ability that causes an enemy to lie on the ground unconscious for 4 rounds
- May use Wind Blast once a day (starting from level 10), an ability that knocks over all enemies in sight for 3 rounds
- May use Hurricane once a day (starting from level 17), an ability similar to Wing Buffet by a Dragon with reduced damage
- May use Gale Force once a day (starting from level 20), a spell-like ability similar to Dragon's Breath but causing only 15d6 Physical Damage
- Gains Haze passive ability (starting from level 30), that grants -3 AC, -15 HP and -1 Constitution

- May only be of Evil alignment
- Cannot wear any armor
- Cannot be proficient two-handed weapons and shields
- Suffer penalty to saving throws vs wands -4
- Limited to Elves

These priests are a sect within the wandering monks of Kozakura, who are dedicated to talking with the spirits and defeating evil demons, and are really rare outside the Eastern Lands. They do not only contact spirits, but also the spirits of the particular aspects of the land, eg. of rivers, mountains, fields, forests. Such is the religion of their land. They believe that even outside of their land there are regions where there exist minor gods strongly connected to the folklore who were forgotten long ago - except maybe in Rashemen, where inhabitants still feel strong connection with the world of spirits. Their main specialisation involve creating magical barriers to protect people from demons and evil spirits.

- May use Summon Shikigami once per day (starting at level 1), a spell-like ability that summons a random Spirit Ally
- May cast Protection from Evil once per day (starting at level 8)
- May use Banishment once per day (starting at level 10), a spell-like ability that has a 20% +5% for every 2 levels chance to unsummon nearby demons
- May cast Remove Curse once per day (starting at level 12)
- May use The Rite once per day (starting at level 16), a spell like ability that gives all nearby allies +2 AC, 25% Resistance to Magic, +3 to all Saving Throws and heals 10 HP, the effect lasts for 45 seconds.

- Maximum strength is 16.
- Must be Human.
- May not be of an Evil Alignment.

This mod is compatible with Rogue Rebalancing v 4.37(proper spell progression for bards and proper dual wielding for bards and rogues - but tested only by me)


v 0.9b: Initial release


Infinity Kits by EmPhasis & Lava Del'Vortel

Thanks to Jarno Mikkola for help.

Thanks to Zyraen for proofreading.

Thanks for downloading!

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