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#1 Scardog

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Posted 10 January 2012 - 08:25 PM

hey all,

first...thanks for this great mod

now, can i play this in multiplayer? here is a copy of my weidu.log

// Log of Currently Installed WeiDU Mods
// The top of the file is the 'oldest' mod
// ~TP2_File~ #language_number #component_number // [Subcomponent Name -> ] Component Name [ : Version]
~SETUP-SOS.TP2~ #0 #0 // Shadows Over Soubar: 1.13
~SETUP-SOS.TP2~ #0 #1 // Remorhaz walking speed adjustment (for ENGLISH version .EXE ONLY!!!): 1.13
~SETUP-PSTELE.TP2~ #0 #0 // PlanarSphere_Return_v2 Weidu
~SETUP-PLANARSPHEREMOD.TP2~ #0 #0 // PlanarSphereMod v2.6c: v2.6c
~SETUP-PLANARSPHEREMOD.TP2~ #0 #1 // Planar Sphere Store: v2.6c
~SETUP-PLANARSPHEREMOD.TP2~ #0 #2 // Waukeen's Promenade Store: v2.6c
~SETUP-BP-BGT-WORLDMAP.TP2~ #0 #0 // Worldmap for Baldur's Gate - including colored Baldur's Gate map icons: v9.0.1
~SETUP-BP-BGT-WORLDMAP.TP2~ #0 #1 // Worldmap for Throne of Bhaal -> Use new Worldmap for Throne of Bhaal as well: v9.0.1
~WIDESCREEN/WIDESCREEN.TP2~ #0 #0 // Widescreen Mod -> for the original Infinity Engine (CHOOSE THIS!): Widescreen Mod v3.02

#2 Jarno Mikkola

Jarno Mikkola

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Posted 11 January 2012 - 05:06 AM

Well if you have two computers linked that have same screen resolution, yes, the easiest way to actually guarantee the fact is by installing it to one computer with everything on it except the Widescreen mod and then copy the game folder to the other one(the game starts from the BGMain.exe, not from the game CD or from the baldur.exe), and then install the Widescreen mod(if the computers have different screen capabilities).
Why you ask ?

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