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Why I like this game

Elder Scrolls Skyrim

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Posted 08 March 2012 - 07:13 AM

There are many reasons. I'll give you 2 that are these days foremost in my mind.

1. When infiltrating, you can sneak up to the bad guys and backstab them. After you do so, you can grab them and remove their bodies from plain sight. It may not make a difference to the game, but it sure adds a lot of realism!

2. I went to talk to Kodlak, and before he started the conversation, he invited me to take a seat. Nothing in my years as a computer rpg player suspended my natural disbelief (after all, it is just a game, not real life), as the simple act of being able to direct my character to sit down and have a conversation with an NPC! :Bow: :Bow: :Bow: :Bow: :Bow: :Bow: :Bow: :Bow: :Bow: :Bow: :Bow: :Bow: :Bow: :Bow: :Bow: :Bow: :Bow: :Bow: :Bow: :Bow: :Bow: :Bow: :Bow: :Bow: :Bow: :Bow: :Bow: :Bow: :Bow: :Bow: :Bow: :Bow: :Bow: :Bow: :Bow: :Bow: :Bow: :Bow: :Bow: :Bow:

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