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Who was satisfied with the ME 3 ending(s)? (Spoilers)

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#61 -Lividlion-

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Posted 12 October 2012 - 09:32 PM

Lividlion, a word of caution, that's a low content post. Please add to the discussion, or at the very least, explain why you loved it, what were its strengths in your opinion.

Well I understand why a lot of people say that ME3 ended poorly due to the nature of the ending. Everyone discussing the tiny details. Most felt that all the decisions leading up to the "big one" became irrelevant when you got there. Which in a sense is true. But I felt like everyone completely missed the point of the entire 'Mass Effect' series. Yes when you get to the end the final decision to determine the fate of the entire galaxy for the rest of time, it is a totally stand alone choice, but let me ask, where were you when Sovereign Attacked?, Who chased down Saruin? Who fought the Geth, who pushed back the collectors, who had to fight the morel high grounds against Cerberus? Who put an end to the Krogan genofage. Who brought the entire galaxy together to defeat the greatest enemy that has ever existed?? This is not a case of how it ends, but how you got there. Every decision made lead you closer to the chance to stand there and make that auspicious decision. Relish in the triumphant glory that you got the opportunity to stand there and decide the fate or everything. I LOVED the ending seriously and the decision I made seemed so right to do. I could not have wished for better, up un till the last battle I had no idea where is was going and even though all my previous decisions had zero consequences in the end, it didn't matter. Because if I had never of taken the journey I would never had reached its destination, and in turn have never had the opportunity to given the choice in the first place. Mass Effect kicked ass. I wish more games were as fully fleshed out as ME was. I cant wait for the Movies.

#62 Jarno Mikkola

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Posted 12 October 2012 - 11:24 PM


Yeah... but still, if you look at the descriptions the Extended End DLC gives to the factions that survived... well, it's far better to have a closure like that than what they gave in the original story's end. A big boom that looked same for a color blind person.

PS, there's something wrong with the mechanics of the end... yes you "weight a war against the reapers"... but when the time comes... it's after you have done a linear set of missions, none of which you can skip... I for example have done 500+ multiplayer games, and still every time I need to do the whole ME3's main campaign.... while I already have enough points to finish the fight.

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