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Mass Effect fanfic recommendations

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#1 Kulyok

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Posted 04 April 2012 - 05:29 AM

Here they come. Warning: it's practically always female Shepard and Garrus. Sorry about that.

Commander Shepard, You've Got Mail (between ME1 and ME2, Garrus in C-Sec/female* Shepard on the Normandy, friendship). + Other works by the same author. Highly recommended.
Sound the Clarion - a real, honest-to-God, seroius AU Mass Effect story on Palaven, turian/human war. Great read.

Another one - post ME2/early ME3, turian/human oral sex, lots of Jack, and Garrus's family.
What is Done and Yet to Come - a (sickly) sweet Mass Effect 3 ending featuring Kaidan(and seemingly canon, too - red).
Consequences - post ME3, red, Garrus and Kaidan on Earth team up to find Shepard - if she is still alive.
The Spirit of Redemption(and the prequel, The Spirit of Truth by the same author) - a hugely popular one, Garrus/female Shepard pairing. I recommend the prequel.
Violence, Voyerism and Vigilantes - no proper spelling at all(actually, it's downright horrible), but the story's got romance and angst. Garrus, post-ME2. Includes Arrival.
Reunion - femShep/Garrus post-ME3 epilogue. (Another "what the epilogue should be". I liked it).
Embers - ME2, post-Horizon, Garrus(naturally), and a very tired Shepard. Readable, and with a real atmosphere. And, naturally, the author just has to be the author of my favourite ever DA fanfic, "Awaiting the Dawn"(with Jowan and US).
Fever Dream - a complete three-parter, during and after Morinth mission. + All other works by the same author, and there're quite a few.
Blood Dimmed Tide - a good walkthrough fanfic(Garrus/femshep again).
Not Alone - after a nasty breakup with Kaidan, Shepard becomes a stripper. Angsty. And with Garrus. I feel like a pervert, but I actually liked it.
Parallel Lives - John Shepard, who REALLY screwed up on Omega-4 Relay, suddenly goes back in time, where Jane Shepard is about to face the events on Virmire. Crazy, but it works.
A Turian Called Horse and another story by the same author, Glass Coffin(interesting AU). Again, Garrus. Hmm, Garrus everywhere.
Cracked Faith and its prequel, Broken Trust - for non-con situations.
Crucible - one-shots, Normandy crash site, Project Overlord, and others. Garrus again, for some odd reason.
A Matter of Perspective - Post-Sidonis. Includes some sparring.
The Hundred Year Distance - Shepard is dying of old age, one-shot.
A Life Apart - another well-done one-shot by the same author.
Confessions and Lamentations - Various members of Shepard's squad thinking of and discussing her romance with Garrus, ME2. It's good, too.
Where Angels Fear To Tread - and all other works of this author, really. All of them worthy.
Modus Operandi - ME1. A real, if incompetent, femShep.
Life Among the Xenophiles - a one-shot made of one-shots. Also "Fade to Red" and other stories by the same author.
Everyone in the Galaxy Stay With Garrus - humor, one-shot.
The Reason That I Laugh and Breathe - and some other one-shots by the same author.
Masses to Masses - a list wouldn't be complete without a customary "Earth 21st cent. human in ME universe". It's a popular one - click on the author's profile for the sequels.
Connection - general Garrus niceness, post-ME2.
Stelle - your usual well-written hurt/comfort fic.
Worth All The World - AU. Private Shepard tries to get drunk in a bar... There's a sequel, too.
Expect the Unexpected - Oneshot, romance/humor femShep/Thane and femShep/Garrus. Plus other stories(Through an AI, Darkly comes to mind).
To Tame a Mercenary - ME2, Garrus has been assigned by the Council to spy on Shepard. And he does. Oh yes. That he does. Also, by the same author: Omega and two sequels.

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#2 Kulyok

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Posted 18 April 2012 - 02:19 AM

For some reason, the list became too long for one post(what the hell is wrong with this IP.Board software?) So, here we go again. Again, mostly female Shepard and Garrus.

Abuse of Power - one-shot, M rating, you can guess what's that about.
Interrogation Tactics - ah, um, yeah. M-rating, too.
Taking Orders - and same here!
Concussive Rounds - same, bless KinkMeme prompts. + Check other stories by the same author.
Keelah Se'Lai - practically, uh, the same thing as above.
Mind The Waist - ...of course, it can go horribly wrong, too.
Still Alive - one-shot, drinks, friendship.
Citadel Playdate - little Shepard, Citadel daycare center, meets... guess who.
Shepard's Archangel - what happens after Critical Mission Failure pops up.
Grounded - another take at Samara's loyalty mission.
A Trail a Mile Wide - Shepard got banned. From a planet.
Reach and Flexibility - Garrus got mail from Dr Solus. Guess what was inside.
At Face Value - post-Arrival, oneshot.
With or Without You - grief after Omega-4, oneshot.
The Empty Sky - same as previous.
End - a totally bad ending.
Acceptable Loss - Kaidan's dead, Thane's dead, and Shepard's kinda determined to join them.
Night Shift - sleeping Garrus and sleeping Shepard.
Infinite Regress - Shepard dies and returns to early ME1. With Garrus. Also, other works like "Don't Follow"(ME3, Control).
Dear Mass Effect - "Dear Death, Screw You. I have money. Sincerely, TIM."
Medicinal Violence - the end of Shepard/Vakarian, ME3, very good, very bitter.
Blame It On The Alcohol - yep, drrrrrunk Shepard.
Just the Two of Us - Garrus and Shepard face assassins on Omega.
Memento Mori - a ME2 walkthrough-romance and some extras here and there.
Sense and Flexibility - a popular ME1 walkthrough-romance.
All That Comes After - post-ME3. Not at the top of my list, but it's readable.
Why, Detective, You Shouldn't Have! - Naughty Shepard, naughty Chellick, naughty everyone.
If You Need Me - more like "everyone's in high school again" than a walkthrough, but, hey. Complete, ME2. Also, Deleted Scenes by the same author.
Delirium Trigger - another walkthrough one, ME2.
Identity - this collection wouldn't be complete without an obligatory "Shepard turns into a turian".
Pretty Bird - another turianShepard, this time from masskink.
Reminiscence - long after the events of ME3, Primarch Vakarian talks to Parasini's daughter. + Other works by this author, like "Getting Physical" - they are good ones.
You've Got Mail - after Horizon, Kaidan gets lots of angry mail.
Timeless to Me and other stories by the same author - just good Shakarian writing.
Keep - another MassKink; Garrus and Shepard escort a pregnant turian female.
Inappropriate Thoughts - what the title says.
Hands-On Training - sweet and awkward. + Other stories by the same author, especially "Good Days".
If at first you don't succeed... - an, um, realistic approach to sex. I liked it.
Why People Do This - yep, this is Shepard's first time.
The Comedown - Shepard gets high-drunk on Omega and... learns to unclench.
Casual Touching - naughty Captain Gavorn, this time. And Garrus.
I Died So I Could Haunt You - what Garrus dreams of between ME1 and ME2.
The Color of Its Countries - of scars and face paint and love.
Battlefields Much Beloved - a sweet erotic oneshot.
And a Flat on Intai'sei - post-ME3. Been looking for something like this, like, forever.
Meet Me At The Bar - yes, that bar. Also, seashells.
Good Morning, Mrs Verner! - Shepard has a VERY unusual morning.
Garrus Vakarian and the Recon Hood - oneshot.
Anticipation - transcript of the night before the Omega-4 relay.
The Novena of Saint Shepard, Our Lady of the Normandy - oneshot, highly recommended. Kaidan, Garrus and Vega post-ME3.
What Now? - Shepard's letters between ME2 and ME3.
Omega Noire - noir is not my thing, but this one's good. Check the author's profile, too.
Five Choices Shepard Made, And One She Didn't Have To - expansion of Green, Red and Blue. Sad.
Hero of the Hour - ME3 ending? What ending? Male Shepard, strangely enough.
Limbo - Shepard chooses blue and kinda hangs out with the Reapers. Oh, and the Harbringer.
Second-Guessing - Oneshot. Everybody's so friendly... Maybe *too* friendly? + Other works by the same author, like "Talking Too Much".
As In Dreams - post-ME3, green, Garrus is rebuilding Shepard VI.
Swim - Garrus can't swim. Adorable. Crocodiles all around!
Flashes - Post-ME3. What never was.
Quiet Night - Garrus and Tali, post-ME3, mourning.
Sleeping God - Shepard becomes indoctrinated. Or not.
Strange New Worlds - and other Garrus oneshots, like "Dressing in the Dark".
Optimal Capacity - post-suicide mission, EDI's point of view, oneshot.
Loved - another walkthrough fanfic.
Damn Fine Afternoon - Garrus, Zaeed and some strange pollen...
The Peanut Butter Principle - could be the last jar in the galaxy! + Check the author's profile for more good things. Especially "A Funny Thing Happened on the way to Annihilation" for those of you who didn't like the ending, hehe. Anyway, it's a list of good stories by a great writer.
No Contest - everybody in ME3 loves Shepard. How does it make Garrus feel? + Other stories.
Remembrance - Garrus walks on Shepard as she receives *that* letter from Thane. + Other stories, like Afterglow.
Competitive Advantage - Dr Michel's on the Normandy. And she sees Garrus... Again, check the author's profile
Interstitium - a good collection of oneshots. I liked Zaeed's, myself.
Mock Effect - a ME1 parody.
Mock Effect 2 - a ME2 parody.
Lingering - a one-shot, femShep speaks to Javik after Thane's death.
Please - Javik *really* does not understand the word "please". Highly recommended, together with other works like "She" and "Heuristics".
Poker Night - and other Shakarian oneshots by this author.
Just Like Old Times - post-ME3, indoctrination theory.
Oblivious - When Shepard takes Kaidan to her bed before Ilos, Garrus, Liara and Joker sigh together downstairs. Check other oneshots by the same author.
How the Holo Got There - how Kaidan's picture ended up in Shepard's cabin. Check the author's profile for multiple popular Shenko fics. Especially, and trust me on this one, "The Color of Shepard's Panties".
Quiet - what if Kaidan was there at the end of ME3, instead of Anderson? Sad.
Guy Talk - (+ Guy Talk 2 and others, same author) - Zaeed and Garrus confront Kaidan about Shepard's strange behavior. Humor.
Helpless - Shepard has sleep issues after Akuze. Shenko oneshot.
Regulations - There are regs for a reason. Shenko. Check the author's profile, too.
Tracers - Kaidan's having a very realistic headache.
The Letter Game - e-mails between Kaidan and Joker, post-Horizon. "Lost for Words" by the same author is also popular.
Loss - oneshot at Shepard's emotions through ME2, Shenko.
Interrupt - post-ME2, drunk Shepard finds Kaidan's apartment on the Citadel.
Observation - oneshot, Kaidan's an Alliance rep aboard the Normandy, post-ME2. Recommended.
Marked Territory - Shepard talks of genophage with Thane and Garrus. Check the author's profile for more Thane stories.
Elevator - Joker locks Kaidan and Shepard in an elevator. Betting starts.
Carry On - Kaidan deals with Shepard's death at the beginning of ME2. Also, check "Stay with Me".
Newton's First Law - ME1 walkthrough. Shenko, a decent read.
Architects of Their Own Fortune - another "Kaidan finds Shepard post-ME2". Readable, too.
Wild Boys - Zaeed is hungry. Garrus is drunk. And in love.
Hell of a Thing - a drunk Shepard *doesn't* have sex with Zaeed. Huh?
Echo Location - Shepard? Wrex!
Little Boys Need Not Apply - post-ME2, Kaidan wants together with Shepard. Zaeed doesn't want him to. Childish, but readable if you like this sort of thing.
Intercept - post-ME3, Garrus tries to see Shepard and meets her mother.
Things Change - Shepard wakes up from a coma, post-ME3, five years later.
High Class Hostage - Synthesis. Liara uses her final "gift" to have femShep's baby without femShep knowing it. Garrus is not happy about it.
Mass Effect Glorious Shotgun Princess - oh, yeah, baby. Oh, yeah. Definitely check the author's profile.
MIA - a fleshed-out ME3 conversation, Shenko. Also, check Her Favourite Store and Not That Simple.
The Other Way Around - dark. Post-ME3, Shepard wakes up, Vakarian isn't there. + Author's profile, again.
When Worlds Collide - and totally everything else by this author. Assuming direct control!
Good to Me - Garrus and gifts. Check other stories like "Undone", too.
You Have to Say It - and you have to hear it.
The Shell of Heroism - and other parts for ME2/ME3, male Shepard/Tali, well-written.
The Suicide Mission - the mission itself. Also, other Shakarian oneshots, like Fruit from Palaven or Game of Cards.
Integrating with Shepard-Commander - yep. M-rating, too. What? It's funny! Well, and kinda kinky, too.
Infiltrait0rN7 - Legion plays computer games. Legion wins.
Gifts - aww. Just aww. Legion, another oneshot.
Ad Synesthesiae - speaking of Legion and kinky, this is better.
Final Confrontation - post-ME2, Shepard, Garrus, Thane and Legion are infiltrating the Citadel.
Quid Pro Quo - post-ME1, Shepard gets drunk with her crew. And Garrus. Check out the author's profile for more.
Celebration - Legion/Tali M-rated oneshot. And, yep, it's just what you think.
Just Once - another pre-Omega-4 Garrus sex scene oneshot.
Mass Ethics - Humor, ME1. Everybody loves Shepard. One day he decides he's had enough. Also check Runtime Failure
A Laptop Like You - an EDI/Joker oneshot, ME2.
Naked - Shepard gets injured after a battle with Saren. Garrus and ME1 crew are worried. Also, check A Few Dead Monkeys.
Virmire Variations - two Ashley gone/Kaidan gone oneshots. Check the author's profile for more. And I mean it, please, do.
Hangover 2158 - Shepard wakes up next to naked Thane wearing only Jack's breast harness. Unfinished, unfortunately.
Commander Shepard YMIR Mech - what it says. It's pretty crazy, but Garrus chapter is worth it. Also, chess.
A Night to Remember - another pre-Omega-4 night for Garrus and Shepard.
Role-playing - a Shepard/Garrus oneshots. Also, check Human at the Core with a drunk Shepard, and some more oneshots.
Nearly Paragon - another Shakarian ME2, but this one is really worth following.
Unfortunate Liminality - Garrus ruminates on fraternization.
How to Win a War - teaching Reapers how to love. Humor, oneshot.
The Garrus Vakarian List - if you like Chuck Norris jokes. Warning: Tali pairing.
Drift - a sweet Shakarian oneshot. Check Affinity, too.
The Final Problem - ME3 ending, indoctrination theory and all.
Gestalt - ME2, Shakarian, renegade femShep. + Other stories.
Miss FixIt - remember that quarian-turian couple on Illium? Well, Shepard couldn't help but interfere there, too.
Reunions - femShep and Nihlus, AU. No punctuation, but it's readable.
Settling Disputes - femShep/Saren, AU, a good renegade one. Check the author's profile for more.
Second Heartbeat - ME2 Shakarian with some angst thrown in.
Trust Implicit - just good Shakarian. Click on the author's profile for more.
Waypoint - Shakarian PLUS parents. Not a good sign.
Garrus Vignette - Garrus and Kaidan in the hospital in ME3 competing over Shep, oneshot. And a few more in the author's profile.
No Room for Nostalgia - and other one-shots by the same author.
Small Spaces - Thane teaches Shepard to crawl. Very good.
Regret - an Extended Cut(red) oneshot.
Fracture Patterns - a long-awaited(by me) premise: Shepard never told Garrus she loved him, and now he's with Tali. Check others, too, like The Valley of Dying Stars.
Blackwork - well, we gotta have at least one femShep/Vega story, right? And that's a good one.
Before the Storm - post-ME2, pre-ME3, Kaidan on the ship. A friendly, popular, well-written Shenko. Also, check the author's profile for an IT oneshot.
Iunctio - good ME1 Shenko. Love good ME1 fics. Check the author's profile for more - ME2 and beyond.
Errors of Life - 25 years post-Synthesis, and actually looks interesting.
Galaxy's Oldest Profession - ME2 AU, with Shepard as a hooker on Omega, Zaeed her pimp. Not exactly my thing, but popular.
Dossier: Archangel - a very realistic "Shepard and Garrus got drunk(and slept together? and married??)", post-ME1.
Cheating Has Consequences - remember Jacob? Yep. By Sarah1281, too(Remember her Dragon Age fanfics? "Four Ways To Avoid Exile" and so on. If not, check them out).
Field Research - ME2, Garrus gets cold feet and Shepard shows him things that humans do to turians. Or don't.
Identity - post-Synthesis, EC. But Shepard is alive... somehow.
A Small Comfort - a bittersweet oneshot: Garrus enters Shepard's cabin after her death.
Traditions - almost missed this great oneshot by our very own Aeryn Phoenix. Post-ME1, Garrus finds Shepard on her shore leave... on Virmire.
By the Book - a simple ME1 oneshot. Check the author's profile for some cool and crazy Death Note/Legally Blonde stuff, though.
A Hundred Little Instances - Shakarian, Colonist background. Check "Danse Macabre", too.
Meet Me At The Bar - another fanfic by this name. Basically, a happy ME3 ending with reuninon and game dialogue(EC included).
Per Ardua - ME3 without the Crucible, starts at Palaven.
Final Frontier - AU, First Contact with a dose of Star Trek.
Shepard, Queen of the Reapers - a very satisfying Blue ending.
The Art of War - Shepard finds tan album full of Garrus's paintings. Also, check Color Theory.
The Stars are Not Wanted Now - Garrus is dying. Also, check Choices - Arrival AU, Shepard indoctrinated.
Gone - and Garrus is gone.
Sentinel of Your Will - visions post-red, dead friends. Will Sheppard join them? A sappy oneshot, but I liked it.
Captive - AU, war, Shepard saves Garrus from a Maw, but he captures her.
A Night To Remember - Shepard and Garrus have drunk sex, and it's not over. Multichapter.
Game Talk - Shepard and Garrus play and discuss Dragon Age: Origins.
Honey - Shepard wakes up after drunken sex with Garrus. Check the author's profile for the prequel.
Videotape - a painful post-ME3 oneshot: Garrus with the same disease that touched his mother.
A Brilliant Solution - AU, Second Krogan Rebellion, Garrus sent to negotiate with the humans.
Where the Lover Never Leaves - Shepard, ME3, post-Thane.

Remember: if you liked one of these stories, click on the author's profile - it's likely you'll find sequels, prequels, and all sorts of great stuff. Trust me, you don't want to miss something like Enemies Like You And Me.

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#3 Kulyok

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Posted 11 March 2013 - 04:52 AM

Now that Citadel DLC is out, here's some more(not necessarily Citadel-related, but still, most ARE about Garrus), and I'll probably add more later:


Can I Keep Him?  - imagine if everyone thought turians were non-sentient, like pets? And Shepard was taking one home? Warning: Kinky. All other works by this author ARE recommended, and there're quite a few.

I Wake Every Time - post Shepard's death, from Garrus's son's point of view, oneshot. Includes a divorce/remarriage angle, though.

Just Like Old Times - series of stories from Garrus's past. All good - I think I mentioned another story by this author somewhere above.

Mass Effect Reloaded - another "Shep is magically brought to the beginning of ME1 from the very end of ME3". Mary-Sue? Who cares: it's badass and interesting!

Ugly Like A Turian - is Garrus self-conscious about his scars? What does femShep think? Oneshot.

Priority:Valentine - myahaha! Oneshot. Seriously, read this. What would Garrus do seeing how Shepard is about to meet *everyone* else instead of going on a romantic bottle-shooting date with him? Game's on!


The Unofficial Mass Effect 3 Epilogue Slides  - an interactive fanfic, sort of. It reads nice, too.


Everything It's Cracked Up To Be - Yep, femShep/Garrus/ME2 again. Well-written, though. Again, check the author's profile.

Naïveté - Garrus and Shepard as kids in daycare. Simple and nice.

A Handful of Dust - if it's by tarysande, it's bound to be good. Garrus, post-ME3, Red, a good read.

A Number of Quiet Attentions - one-shot, very loving, very cosy, AND it's got spaghetti(as ever, look up the author's profile).

In Sickness and in Health - a simple post-ME3 one-shot about Shep's old wounds and retired life with Garrus.

brokerreport939 - this one is a tear-jerker(same author as previous, click on the profile). What if Shepard's omni-tool was recovered... afterwards? One-shot.

Second Chances - post-ME3 femShep, a desk job, a (failed?) marriage to Kaidan, Garrus on the horizon, and good writing.

Promise Me This Moment - oneshot, Shep is Really Unlucky With Men(Jacob!), but Garrush is there... unless she's just drunk too much. Better than "Everything It's Cracked...", and by the same author, too.

Entropy - ME3, AU, and pretty great. What if Shepard started to lose her short-term memory in ME3? Garrus in charge, yep. Aaaand the galaxy is in trouble.

Your Demons Are Mine - This is a sensitive topic, in the vein of "AU, main character lived through a sexual assault" thing. It it is popular, though I might prefer a different angle(= the one from Sherlock fandom).

All Over Again - another "Shepard returns back in time to the beginning of ME1" fic. Shenko, Shakarian, readable.

Entropy - a solid Shepard/Zaeed story. Slow-building.

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#4 -ejunkiet-

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Posted 01 June 2013 - 05:58 PM

Can I just say that this list is fantastic! xD I'm not a member of this forum, and I can't remember how I found this. xD This is a great resource for Mass Effect fics!


#5 Kulyok

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Posted 01 June 2013 - 09:49 PM

Thanks! My only regret is that some great fics are unfinished. But hopefully one day...

#6 Eleima


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Posted 02 June 2013 - 02:34 AM

My only regret is that none of mine are up there.  ;)

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#7 -A person-

-A person-
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Posted 24 June 2013 - 10:31 AM

This is a great list! Thanks for having it!

#8 -Sarah-

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Posted 06 August 2013 - 11:38 AM


Just wondering if you know any where shakarian end up having a baby?

#9 Kulyok

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Posted 06 August 2013 - 10:10 PM

I've read a few, and there are a few on this list. But there's not a single one I loved enough to remember off the top of my head, unfortunately.

However, I recommend Second Chances - both Garrus and Shepard are single parents, and the kids are very nice.

#10 -YaGo-

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Posted 01 September 2013 - 07:36 AM

Thank you for these recommendations! Fantastic stories - and I'm pretty sure I'm only barely one third into the list. Indeed it's such a shame that some are unfinished. 

#11 -Beth-

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Posted 27 February 2016 - 02:08 PM

I love this list, I've recognised a few that I have read previously. But like you said, few are unfinished. I'll be a while going through this. At least my need to read FemShepxGarrus will be fulfilled :) Thank you friend