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xParty 1.4 release

Sophisticated party AI script

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Posted 06 April 2012 - 07:50 AM

This highly sophisticated yet conservative AI script automates tedious aspects of the game and leaves the cool stuff to the player. The script offers many configurable settings and provides lots of feedback. All class combinations and all of the NPCs are fully supported, so the script can be used by the entire party.

    Put the xParty.bs file in your scripts folder, then assign it to each party member (by going to their Character Record, then Customize, then Script.)
    Here is a quick run-down of the features. Details can be found in the ReadMe.

      Press the following keys to control the script for the selected character(s):

        [S]: Fighting style
          Change fighting style. The styles are:
          • Soldier: Engage nearby enemies in melee, stand and shoot at distant enemies (or charge if no ranged weapon is available.)
          • Guard: Engage nearby enemies in melee. Do not use ranged weapons.
          • Archer: Shoot, backpedal when engaged in melee, do not use melee weapons. Good for fragile mages.
          • Staff of the Magi (people with the staff only): Use the staff to stay invisible.
          • Bard (Bards only): Don't fight, just sing.
        [F]: Heal
          Cast healing spells until the party is healed.
        [B ]: Bedtime preparation
          Before resting, cast spells that last longer than 8 hours, such as Stoneskin, Iron Skins and Melf's Minute Meteors.
        [E]: Turn Undead mode
          Turn undead that come close enough.
        [V]: Stealth mode
          Hide whenever possible. Great for backstabbing. Note that this turns off trapfinding.
        [K]: Set traps
          Set a bunch of traps.
        [N]: Individual AI toggle
          Turn the AI off or back on for the selected character(s) only.
        [D] (while main character is selected): Drink healing potions
          Set the type of potion that the party is allowed to drink when you order them to heal.
    Combat AI
      The party will defend itself in combat and will engage enemies in the manner appropriate to their combat style. They will focus their attacks, preferring to finish off wounded enemies and ignoring disabled enemies (panicked, held, etcetera) until all the "live" enemies are dead.
      Thieves and Monks will automatically look for traps.
      The party will automatically use the following spells and items:
      • Girdle of Fortitude
      • Hold Person, Charm Animal, Charm Person or Animal and the Ring of Human Influence (the script is very good at identifying suitable targets)
      • Melf's Minute Meteors
      • Armor
      • Stoneskin, Iron Skins and the Gargoyle Boots
      • Wondrous Recall (to get back healing spells, Iron Skins, and Insect Plague)
      • Create Bruiser Mates (for Jan if he has the Flasher Launcher)
      They will take care not to anger the Cowled Wizards.
    Cure poison
      The party will automatically try to cure poison.
The script has been quite thorougly tested. I am currently on my third playthrough with it.

I would really like to hear what others think of my work. I welcome feedback of all kinds, including discussion of choices made and requests for additional features. Discuss it here.

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