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xMinion 1.2 release

Summoned creature AI upgrade

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Posted 06 April 2012 - 02:19 PM

Several important summoned creatures have had their AI considerably improved. These creatures will now attempt to use all their abilities where appropriate, with some thought put into target selection regarding resistances and immunities, and will alternate between spellcasting and attacking for maximum efficiency. The enhancements apply only to creatures controlled by the party; these scripts do not make enemies smarter.

    The files in the override folder are the summoned creature scripts. Copy these to your override folder.
The creatures
    These creatures were scripted:
    • Planetar and Fallen Planetar
    • Deva and Fallen Deva
    • Chan, Elemental Prince of Air
    • Zaaman Rul, Elemental Prince of Fire
    • The Efreeti from the Efreeti Bottle
    • Nishruu and Hakeashar
    • The Nymph from Call Woodland Beings
    • Kitthix from the Black Spider Figurine
    • Cerebus from the Moon Dog Figurine
    Details on their abilities can be found in the ReadMe.
The scripts have been quite thorougly tested. I am currently on my third playthrough with them.

I would really like to hear what others think of my work. I welcome feedback of all kinds, including discussion of choices made and requests for additional features. Discuss it here.

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