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Dynaheir in BG2 mod

Minsc NPC Romance

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Posted 29 August 2012 - 01:04 PM

Well, i know this might be considered beating an dead horse (i have seen some topics about this that are a couple years old) but since we already have the "Khalid in BG2" mod, i was wondering if anyone is currently or interested in bringing the Rashemen witch to BG2 (i did read something about "dynaheir" being the next project in the Khalid mod topic, but i suppose that was never mentioned again.)

I have no skills with IE modding (the only thing i ever did was to edit some dialogues in already done mods) but from a storytelling perspective, bringing her back shouldnt pose much of a problem, especially since shes barely mentioned at all by anyone except Minsc.

Couple ideias that would be explored in this mod:

-She would be spared by Irenicus because of her Divination powers ( such as Irenicus forcing her to discover what CHARNAME is draming about, and lets be honest here, if Irenicus didint killed good old Minsc, he would have spared her, since she can be much more useful to him)

-More insight of Rashemi culture (such as the Iron Lords or the "long hair = respect" subjects, in case your wondering)

-Giving people Lawful good pure mage, for those who dont like Edwin.

-Dynaheir would assume the role of CHARNAME's mentor/counselor (i always thought BG2 needed someone like this. Some can say jaheira has such role, but instead of druidic/true neutral speech, Dyna would give more situational/down to earth advice, always trying to lead the bhaal child away from his dark origin)

.-A possibility to continue the romance for those that played the BG1 NPC mod (i belive only Ajantis has an romance that spams all the BG games, an addition to him would be nice)

As for an explanation for her evading her self aware fate (as hinted by her dialogue in the NPC mod), it can be explained that by being in contact with (or maybe by the action of) the bhaal child changed her fate. This could be also used as an personal quest, maybe some Wychlaran really dont like those that escape fate and dyna gets in trouble for that.

Maybe i am just rambling on and nobody actually has any interest in the Rashemi witch, but i hope maybe someday such mod will see the light.

What you guys think?

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#2 Smiling Imp

Smiling Imp
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Posted 29 August 2012 - 10:30 PM

Sounds interesting.

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#3 Grey Acumen

Grey Acumen

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Posted 08 October 2012 - 05:21 AM

Why not throw in a twist?

Make it Dynaheir's ghost.
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