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[Help Offered] Voicing! Portraits! Proofreading!

proofreading portraits voicing music

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Posted 31 August 2012 - 02:22 PM

Posted By: Tatterdemalion
Date Posted: August 31, 2012
Help Offered: See subject line

Details: I will happily pitch in on short projects in any of these areas. These are my abilities.

Voicing: I have had wee bits of acting and voice training here and there, but mostly I have enthusiasm and vocal flexibility. I can voice male or female characters - I have a voice in the contralto-ish range (high notes possible with a big glass of water!) and by the magic of Audacity I can produce a solid masculine range. Check out the attached samples to get an idea. Brody is around low middle of my natural range.

I prefer projects that I can complete all at once and then stop worrying about. I'm interested in voicing short projects right now, like quest characters/soundsets, and I might be willing to consider an NPC project at some point if the writing is already done and it looks like something I can get enthusiastic about (or if it's a voicing-lite NPC to begin with.)

My recording setup is fairly amateurish, so I sometimes have trouble with microphone pops and the like, but I'm decent at producing clean sound clips that are not plagued by excess background noise or volume/pitch problems.

My accent is Californian - i.e., American with 'soft' vowels, typically non-nasal. I can do the lightly faux-British/faux-European accent favored by many BG2 mods, or shift to a more nasal accent, as requested.

Music: Again, talented amateur. I'm not in a band or nothin', but I have a synthesizer keyboard and I'm not afraid to use it. :-) I score highly on all musical ear training tests, and I'm happy to compose/record/assemble romance themes and similar "incidental music".

Send me a private message if you want some samples from my spoken word project. They're on the web under my real name, so I'd rather not post the link publicly.

Portraits: I typically do photomanips from actor/model pictures and I'm really good at finding pictures that are not straightforwardly recognizable and massaging them into the right "look".

Proofreading/Editing: This is where my hardcore professional skills lie. I'm hesitant to offer because I do enough of this for a living that I am sometimes burned out on it. But it never hurts to ask, and I usually have time for short projects.

I have two degrees in English-related fields, and though I can't translate, I've taught English as a foreign language, so I'm good at "nativizing" rough translations.

* A portrait of Brody, the wannabe-NPC project I've had on the back burner for several years now, edited from a picture of Bollywood actress Amisha Patel.
* A couple of wavs from Brody's soundset (in progress.)
* A full male soundset for BG2 PCs, entitled "Tall, dark and brooding." Feel free to download and share.

(The mic I have now is better than the one I had recording these, btw - again PM for more current samples.)

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