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Day 2 of 12: BP-Series AI Scripts

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Posted 27 December 2012 - 04:26 AM

Today's release comes from horred the plague, who has over the past few weeks been working on a new version of the BP-Series player AI scripts for BG:EE, BGT and ToB.

Love the game, but getting sick of incessant party micromanagement every time you run into a mere kobold? Then the BP Series Party AI Scripts are just for you. Sit back and watch the fun, instead of pausing every two seconds to make sure Minsc isn't off picking daisies in mid-battle, nor if Edwin is casting Meteor Swarm at a pair of goblins five feet away from himself.

Over a dozen scripts specialized for your party's needs, support for every spell, kit and Bhaalspawn ability, as well as many popular items. An intricate series of Hotkey Toggles puts powerful in-game auto-management at your fingertips. Systems include Undead Turning, Bard Song, Set Traps, Backstabbing, Part Healing, Spell Sequencing, and more!

Fully utilizes Detectable Stats system, the ultimate in advanced AI for spell/item/effect detection for the IE engine. Fully compatible with enemy AI mods using the same system. Adds many IDS file entries from BG2:ToB that were missing in BGEE. All this allows for some of the most intelligent, logical decisions and spellcasting choices possible in IE scripting.

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