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Friendship & Romance Information

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Posted 03 January 2013 - 03:32 AM

Dace can join up with, befriend, and romance any PC of any race, any gender, any alignment. In theory. There are variables that will help to determine whether she actually chooses to do these things or not. Some evil characters might be able to keep her around, while others won't be able to. It depends upon how the PC acts, not upon the PC's alignment. However, if you're roleplaying a Lawful Good PC with any sort of integrity or reasonability, Dace just isn't going to dig your character much.

Dace talks a lot. If you like your NPC's quiet, if you play fast and don't have a banter accelerator installed, or if you get frustrated when an NPC seems to have something to say at nearly every turn, you might not be overly fond of Dace. She has a lot of banters with all the Bioware NPC's (at least five with each character and a rather longer "friendship" track with Viconia), a lot of interjections, and a very long set of tracks with the PC.

Dace's "tracks" with the PC are a little different from some of the standards out there, so be careful if and when you're using variable-forcing to speed up her talks. She begins on one set of dialogue and will switch to another if the conditions are right, i.e. if she likes your PC. After a while, she'll branch into one of two dialog "tracks," which could be considered the "romance" and "friendship" tracks.

Dace's "romance" portion sets in rather late in the game if you're playing normally. Your PC might very well be in or through a romance with another NPC at the point when Dace would conceivably switch to a romance track. If you are in a burgeoning romance (i.e. the romance variable with that NPC is set to "1" and the character is expressing interest in the PC) or in a committed romance (i.e. the romance variable with that NPC is set to " 2"), then Dace will not present the option of switching to her romance track. She'll see that you're either involved with or interested in someone else in the party and just won't even try--for various reasons, that's just the way she is. How you deal with this is up to you. You can play a different romance in the first part of your game and end it later if you want to romance Dace, but if you don't end it in time then you're out both romances. Yes, this means that Dace doesn't have "traditional" romance conflicts, and yes, this unfortunately means you might have to be a little bit of a jerk to Aerie/Kelsey/Sola/Viconia, etc. So if you're trying to romance Dace, keep that in mind. Otherwise, she'll always default to the friendship track if you're reasonably nice to her and can put up with her.

Dace's mood can swing pretty wildly, as can her responses to PC initiated flirts. These have a good number of various random outcomes, though, and they change several times during the game, so don't be afraid to keep bugging her. Her occasionally odd or crabby reactions do not mean doom for your possible romance.