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Day 10 of 12: Aurora ToB NPC beta released!

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Posted 05 January 2013 - 01:17 AM

The fabulous Aurora from Aurora's Shoes & Boots can now join you on your quest in ToB!



When asked about her life, Aurora tells you that she grew up in Athkatla as the daughter of a minor merchant. She often traveled with her father's caravans when she was young, learning swordplay from anyone who would teach her and gaining a love of adventure. As soon as she could, she joined a group of adventurers and set out to try her luck.

Her love of adventure is matched only by her love for shoes. During her travels along the Sword Coast she amassed an enormous collection. Upon retirement, she opened the store to share her passion with other keen-eyed collectors.

She is also always willing to share stories of past adventures. Listening to them, you get the impression that she and her companions may not always have been quite as respectable as she now seems. Piracy crops up more than once, and it does not appear that her party was invariably the victim.

She does not seem to regret being called out of her 'retirement' to take a more active role.



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