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Sample Banters for Aurora NPC for TOB

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Posted 10 January 2013 - 08:26 AM

// Aurora to Keldorn:

// Checks (not shown) are included for romances; if the PC & Keldorn are in a romance, Aurora won't initiate this dialog & he won't say he's married.

~Has anyone ever told you how intimidating you are?~
DO ~SetGlobal("ibaurkel1","GLOBAL",1)~
== BKELDO25 ~I beg your pardon?~
== BIBAUR25 ~Handsome man like you, women should be crawling all over you. *I* should be...~
= ~But you have this, this--barrier. I can't figure out how you do it.~
== BKELDO25 ~I am a married man, Aurora.~
== BIBAUR25 ~You think that stops most people?~
== BKELDO25 ~A man who only does what 'most people' do is a man who does not know his course.~
== BIBAUR25 ~Is it so important, then, to 'stay the course' and all that?~
= ~Oh, right. Paladin.~
== BKELDO25 ~It is not only paladins who need to consider their path carefully, Aurora.~
== BIBAUR25 ~Anyone ever tell you how intimidating you are?~
== BKELDO25 ~I believe you just did.~



~Ye do well eno' in battle, fer a Long Limb.~
DO ~SetGlobal("ibkorg1","GLOBAL",1)~
== BIBAUR25 ~And you're not too bad yourself, Stubby Legs.~
== BKORGA25 ~Mind that dosnae mean I'm sae fond ah ye that ah'll not crack yer skull if ye insult me.~
== BIBAUR25 ~Wouldn't dream of it. Pass the salt, will you?~





~Jaheira, honey, don't take this the wrong way, but you need to relax a little.~
DO ~SetGlobal("ibjahaur2","GLOBAL",1)~
== BJAHEI25 ~The seriousness of our situation...~
== BIBAUR25 ~Won't change if you sit down for a few minutes and enjoy a glass of beer.~
== BJAHEI25 ~I drank...~
== BIBAUR25 ~A half a glass. While you harangued the innkeeper about the linens.~
== BJAHEI25 ~Someone needs to keep their wits about them.~
== BIBAUR25 ~Sit down and relax with the rest of us.~
== BIBAUR25 IF ~InParty("Valygar") !StateCheck("Valygar",CD_STATE_NOTVALID) !Global("JaheiraRomanceActive","Global",2)~ THEN ~Or, better yet, get Valygar to help you test those linens. Man's almost as tense as you are.~
== BIBAUR25 ~Or you could just take a walk. At least it gets you some fresh air.~

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