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[HELP NEEDED] Coder for Imoen Romance v2

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#1 TC Dale

TC Dale
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Posted 06 March 2013 - 03:08 AM

Good morning everyone!


So, long story short:  In order to debug things and get things ready for TOB, I re-wrote the entire SOA version first, cleaning up variables, adding content, removing some of the more...uh... 'unique' dialog options, etc.  That was done about a year ago.


Kat (theacefes) of Gibberlings 3 (and here, I think) was/is helping to recode it from scratch to clean it up, update it, and make it compatible with modern modding standards (and make it a lot less buggy).  Problem being that Kat's been insanely busy for the last several months, and coding progress has stalled out completely short of a full working beta.  She's said that she can't guarantee free time to get it up and running, and suggested that it might be worthwhile to look for an additional coder to help (or finish things up).  So here I am...


What I Have


All dialog written, and about 95% of it done in .d coding (IF ~CONDITION~ THEN SAY ~blah blah~ you know the drill).


What I Need


Everything else?  Kat has already done the CRE files and basic install script, and attempted some of the dreams/cutscenes.  There is no audio or custom artwork.  Basically, I have who says what, and where it's said (divided right now into area-based files, so all LoveTalks are in one file; all UstNatha related dialogs in another file; all Pre-Spellhold talks in another, etc.).  I need someone who can turn these into an actual mod.


Kat has said that the coding should be fairly simple and quick, because of how much is already done in .d format and how organized it is; she just doesn't have reliable free time to devote to it.


Would anyone here be willing to help out and *finally* get this mod back to life? :)


Email:  taig.c.dale@gmail.com  ... or answer here, or answer on the Imoen forums (http://imoen.blindmonkey.org/forums)

#2 joshuar9476

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Posted 19 March 2013 - 06:37 PM

i really hope you find the help you've been looking for ... i would love nothing more than to play the finished version of this mod

i have a witty signature thought up, i just haven't posted it yet.

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