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Installation problem with Steam version of BGEE

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#1 Baenwort

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Posted 07 March 2013 - 10:23 AM

I did not notice a help thread in this subforum so I'm making a new post.  If this is incorrect could a mod please fold this into the help thread I missed?
Description of Problem:  I have the Steam edition of BGEE (which is now at v2014) and I am attempting to install the BGEE version of this mod.  I am unable to complete the installation and receive the following error:

[C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition\setup-bpseries.exe] We
iDU version 23100
[C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition\setup-bpseries.exe] Us
ing scripting style "BG1"

Choose your language:
 0 [English by Horred the Plague]
 1 [German by Leonardo Watson]
 2 [French by Graoumf and Isaya]
 3 [Italian by Ilot (?)]
 4 [Russian by prowler (BGEE in English)]
 5 [Spanish by Lisandro]
Using Language [English by Horred the Plague]

Install Component [Detectable Stats v3.1 (required for BPSeriesScript Component)
[I]nstall, or [N]ot Install or [Q]uit? i

Installing [Detectable Stats v3.1 (required for BPSeriesScript Component)] [v0.3

Detecting BGEE Install
Copying 1 file ...
loading 1 tra file
Copying 1 file ...
Copying 1 file ...
Copying 1 file ...
Copying 1 file ...
Copying and patching 1 file ...
Copying and patching 1 file ...
ERROR: cannot convert num or %num% to an integer
ERROR: [stats.ids] -> [override] Patching Failed (COPY) (Not_found)
Stopping installation because of error.
Stopping installation because of error.
Stopping installation because of error.

ERROR Installing [Detectable Stats v3.1 (required for BPSeriesScript Component)]
, rolling back to previous state
Will uninstall   6 files for [BPSERIES/SETUP-BPSERIES.TP2] component 0.
Uninstalled      6 files for [BPSERIES/SETUP-BPSERIES.TP2] component 0.
ERROR: Not_found
PLEASE email the file SETUP-BPSERIES.DEBUG to www.shsforums.net/forum/192-big-pi
Using Language [English by Horred the Plague]

Install Component [Detectable Stats v3.1 (required for BPSeriesScript Component)
[I]nstall, or [N]ot Install or [Q]uit? i

This repeats every time I attempt to install the mod.  Their are no mods installed yet except the Brown GUI mod (found here) and an expanded Portrait compilation (found here) both of which are expanded in the /override/ folder.
Steps Taken:  The Steam edition has a different folder structure from the Beamdog version in that the game and all its information is in the \Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition\ directory with the override folder and .exe in that folder directly instead of in the /076/ that the beamdog version has everything located under.  There may be other differences in folder structure but these are the two that I've found so far. I have created the hardlink to the dialog.tlk in the main folder with the .exe and WeiDu sees it successfully as I did a trial install of "Convenient Ammunition" mod (found here) which is a simple WeiDu mod that adds couple of items to shop keapers.  This mod installed successfully and works correctly.

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*Steam Edition BG:EE version 2014

#2 horred the plague

horred the plague

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Posted 26 March 2013 - 12:58 AM

Sorry, just saw this thread. I'm not at all familiar with the steamversion, but if it has a chitin.key and an override folder in that directory and a data folder containing bif files---it really should work. This mod installs perfectly fine on BG2:ToB, and the steam version sounds closer to this heirarchy if I understand you. The error that the installer is throwing suggests that there's either not an override folder present (you say there is) or that weidu cannot locate stats.ids in the key file nor the override. The error you're throwing on %num% is internal weidu, and I'm not sure why you're seeing that either. I cannot reproduce this error with my setup. Sorry, this is going to be hard for me to address w/o the aforementioned Steam version of the game or at least knowing "exactly" how it's set up structurally.

#3 -Andrew-

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Posted 28 February 2015 - 11:07 PM

I understand that this is nearly three years old, but it's relevant to my situation. I've had BGEE installed with Steam for about 3 or 4 days now and have been playing fine and then I realized I was screwed. I've saved over a point where I'm now looped into eventual death. I used Gatekeeper in the past, so I knew that I could just do that. I've downloaded EE Keeper as a zip file, unzipped it into the folder that contains Baldur.exe. Tried to install it and after much dismay, I was missing the dialog.tlk file. I found that in a different folder and copied over. I then receive an error message saying I'm missing chitin.key. As I understand, that is a critical file for the game to run. My game still runs fine after all of this, and I cannot find any file named "chitin.key" on my entire cpu. Searched around online but alas, I'm posting here.


Godspeed and much thanks.

#4 -Andrew-

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Posted 01 March 2015 - 12:07 AM

It seems I cannot edit my previous post. I went into steam and verified my game integrity and what do you know, I was missing a file. Doing so indeed put a "chitin.key" into my folder. I've installed EE Keeper now with no problems. I have the installation directory correct, but then it asks about saved game directory. There was a folder called "Save" (had all my saves in it) and an .ini file in a completely different part of my cpu. I've moved both items into my BGEE folder within Steam. However, I cannot import any saved games. Fixed my own problem only to find another!

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