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Almateria's Restoration Project

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Posted 20 March 2013 - 08:02 AM

File Name: Almateria's Restoration Project
File Submitter: Almateria
File Submitted: 20 Mar 2013
File Category: Miscellaneous Released Mods

Almateria's Restoration Project
Version 8.2.8
22 April, 2017

By: Almateria

The Restoration Project is a mod for Baldur's Gate aiming to restore literally all unused sounds, as well as some minor cut characters or locations. In recent iterations it evolved into the younger, brasher sidekick of Unfinished Business.


A. Restored Locations
This component adds, restores content to or tweaks some locations that didn't make it to the released version or had any missing content.
  • A tent in Trademeet
    Posted Image
  • A bedroom in Kiser Jhaeri's house, in Saradush, accessible by clicking the wall on the right.
  • You can now open the front door to Yaga-Shura's crib, if you're strong enough.
  • Some cloaks in Aran Linvail's cloakroom. (Those are jokes and remnants of the mod's very first release called Realistic Cloakroom.)
  • The Summoning Book in the second level of Spellhold gets an extra page, just like planned. It's an adamantine golem.
  • The Sahuagin trap in the Planar Sphere now functions like intended, locking you in the room for the duration of the fight.
  • You now get hints on the 4th level of Watcher's Keep. Look for new regions on the floor. I know it stumbled me when I was playing the first time.
  • When you get to the Spellhold with Desharik's help, you are greeted with a new text screen with original narration! The picture isn't quite right, but I'm not graphic artist and that one was set as default.
  • In the extremely unlikely event of giving Nizdramanii'yt everything you've got for the goblet of life, you are treated with a description of his leave.
B. Restored Characters and dialogues
This component restores a few cut characters. Most of them don't have any real role, but serve as flavor.
  • A drow cook in the Ust'Natha tavern.
  • Becky and Diane, a family living in the tent added by the previous component (synergy!).
  • An Amnish privateer and his execution on Brynnlaw.
  • An additional grieving nobleman on Nalia's father's funeral.
  • A vampire in the Mind Flayers' dungeon in the Underdark.
  • Two Cowled Enforcerers in the Council of Six building. One of them has something to say about Tolgerias's quest.
  • More people now join the final Bodhi crypt crawl! Kalden and Levin Rayn come to help from the Order of the Most Radiant Heart. And from the Shadow Thieves, there's Natas and Alyra.
  • Petr the dwarf is now encounterable during the Metrich Quest.
  • In Suldanesselar, a rakshasa by the name of Ziyaad is waiting in the Rillifane Lockbox house. He's hostile.
  • Two D'Aerthe guards now guard Jarlaxle's headquarters. You're probably not gonna interact much with them if you're not killing Jarlaxle, though.
  • Two new demons to be met during the Planar Sphere quest. One is Mane, to be met when on an excursion for the demon heart, and the second sneaks inside the sphere during that.
  • Falik now exists for more than cannon fodder. You can talk to him, and discover that wolfweres are pretty moronic.
  • There's a new encounter in Windspear Hills, consisting of two hobgoblin bandits ganging up on some merchants. 
  • Daleson comes back to the Fighter's Stronghold and gives out comments depending on how great/horrible you are.
  • A Tax Collector can be found between the manors of Deril and Jysstevs.
  • The infamous Gas Spores make an appearance in one of the beholder tunnels.
  • Drenden Shale, a druid, appears in the Grove as a placeholder.
Additionally, since version 5 the component also restores quite a few dialog options.
  • Deirex now talks to you after you come back to his house.
  • You can tell off Pelanna in one more way. Can be screwy if the Pause All Dialogues component from BG2Tweaks is installed.
  • General Sovalidaas can now Sovali-diss Viconia when you talk to him while controlling her.
  • Sir Donalus gets new dialog options depending on your standing with the Order.
  • You can now resign from doing the job for Alibakkars or Lurraxols and pick the other family.
  • If you've heard of Valygar's cabin from getting his tax notice, you can ask Umar villagers about it.
  • Viconia gets a brand new banter in which she asks you whether Irenicus is such a big deal if at all.
  • Lea'liyl's previously unseen dialogue now fires off properly. He's a demon in the Abyss.
  • Imoen now helps you locate the switch for the lightning machine. It's useful if you're playing for the first time, and don't know how to equip weapons, and then you die to the seemingly infinite mephits!
  • Firkraag now taunts you when you enter his dungeon. He also does it when you escape upstairs from the fight. It's class-dependent, so he'll be even more of a dick towards paladins!
  • Olma, you cook, has now an extra dialogue for non-main characters.
  • Chatting with Volo now adds a journal entry.
  • The laborer in the government district had his timed triggers simplified, and can now say an additional line.
  • Anomen now bugs you about rescuing Garren's child in two manners, the newer of which only activates once.
  • You can now ask Hendak about Imoen, if for some reason you don't know the plot to Baldur's Gate 2: Shadows of Amn.
  • Fezhak can be resurrected using Mass Resurrection.
  • Carras and the monk narcs now react with dialogue when attacked.
  • You can now replaced the killed genie in Ust'Natha with a bought slave monster.
  • Haer'Dalis will now leave after some time if you wander around with the gem in your pocket. This fails the quest, naturally.
  • You can now attack the Fear demon in Hell to assert your goodness.
  • Refusal to pay the 300 GP for Vithal's spellbook and the drow woodcutters reveal now add new journal entries.
  • Town Crier Neckeith now has a new line when you dismiss his news about Gambiton.
  • There are eight new default/multiplayer dialogues.
C. Restored Sounds
The biggest and the most important component, it restores proper damaged, dying and morale break sounds to over 1600 characters. A few of them also have additional unused sounds for other occasions.

D. Restored Items
This component restores some items not added by any other mods.
  • Blessed bolts (one each in every good-aligned god's temple) 
  • Purple and red potions (in the tent added by the first component. yess)
  • Horn of Kazgaroth (Deril has it)
  • Boots of Phasing (In Viekang's possession, both in ToB and Soa)
  • Boots of Lightning Speed (Habib has them. That's why throws the sword, btw)
  • The illusion-covered paladins at Windspear Hills now carry a letter from Firkraag, designed to make you way more angry.
  • Am-Si now keeps a key to the kidnapper's hideout, if for some reason you kill him without talking to him.
E. Restored Wish Options
This component restores two cut Wish options, them being:
  • Globe of Blades on caster (For casters with WIS > 18)
  • Party gains 10,000 GP (For casters with WIS < 9)
F. Restored XP tables in ToB
This component restores XP rewards for doing minor things in ToB, for example:
  • Talking to the heads in the Forest of Tethyr
  • Putting together the Big Metal Unit
  • Also freeing Ehlastra gave an incorrect XP value.
G. Restored random encounters
This component restores random encounters both in SoA and ToB. 
  • A singular ogre that could attack you in the wilderness after all set encounters take place 
  • A band of noble brigands that will attack you somewhere between Amkethran, Abazigal's Lair and Sendai's Enclave
  • A party of evil bounty hunters after your head. Yeah you've seen some of those names before. Same place.
H. Deril Lich (Or, Cernd's quest getting some closure)
If you obtained Cernd's son peacefully, Deril will come back as a lich after three days, if Cernd is still in the party. After a short battle he'll run back to his house, where you can dispose of him permanently.

I. Minor restorations
This component now restored various data, mainly forgotten/replaced icons.
  • Saradush gets a new icon after being sacked by Yaga-Shura.
    Posted Image
  • Berserker's Enrage, Monk's Lay On Hands and Ranger's Charm Animal all have restored icons to make them distinct from other abilities with this name. Additionally, Avenger's Shapeshifts Baby Wyvern icon now has a baby wyvern on it.
  • Ranger's Tracking now gets the more sensible, scrapped line when tracking with no monsters present.
  • The troll in the Copper Coronet's gladiator cutscene is now a black bear, as indicated by his filename, death variable and items.
  • Saemon Havarian now properly disguises you as a monk when you sneak into Amkethran. Complete with journal entries.
  • You get additional descriptions of your win or loss during the final de'Arnise Keep battle.
  • The Slayer form now grants a 100 HP bonus, as intended in the description, instead of setting it to 100.
J. Better Item Import
With this addition, the Plane of Air djinn, also known as Malaaq, will hand you one additional weapon. What it will be depends entirely on what you carried with you when you imported the game. It could be a Flame Tongue, Bali's Axe, Longtooth dagger, Kiel's morgenstern, Root of the Problem, or something else! Not needed in BG2EE following patch 1.3.

K. Final Slayer Dream
Previous version of this mod kept the Slayer Test Area as a minor quest area with a dumbass requirement. It was pretty bad. With this component installed, the STA is finally a fully-fledged area, with a dream introduction and everything, just like Our Bioware In Heaven intended. Just sleep a few times after the dream in which Ellesime talks to you, and it will all be revealed.

L. Alternate Slayer change
Originally, the Slayer change was supposed to drain the party of their vital forces and cause horror in everyone witnessing it, until the player masters the Slayer in the Ancient Grove. This component restores this ability. It's optional, since some people could actually dislike this change.

M. Extended Waukeen's Promenade Cutscene
I have recently uncovered some unused lines voiced by Irenicus, Gaelan and Imoen, which were set to be used in a more coservative, dialog-based Waukeen's Promenade cutscene. In the change, they were lost. Despite being only six lines in total, they neatly explain why Gaelan knew where you were going and why does nobody care about the kidnapped thiefs. Also, some old-fashioned crazy mage yelling.

To install, extract the contents of arpvX.zip to your main BG2 directory (on Windows) or Baldur's Gate 2.app/drive_c/[further path] (WINE-compatible macs), then double-click the setup-arestorationp.exe file, or setup-arestorationp.command if your computer is a Mac and follow the instructions on screen. If you play bideo james on Linux you probably know what to do already.
To uninstall, do the same.

Quest Pack should preferably be installed after installing component G. Apart from that, ARP is fully compatible with every single mod, thanks to the magic of SmartCoding.

V1 (20 March 2013)
Initial release.
V1.1 (21 March 2013)
Fixed a bug that prevented the Restored Sounds component from being installed in English language due to a misplaced REQUIRE_PREDICATE.
V1.2 (27 March 2013)
The jokecloaks are now added in a way that doesn't break the drop tables for BGT users.
V1.3 (28 March 2013)
Kiser doesn't clone himself anymore.
Becky and Diane actually appear.
Added a German translation by Gast.
V2 (3 April 2013)
Restored three new encounters.
Restored two Wish options.
Restored blessed bolts.
V3 (18 April 2013)
Restored two new minor characters.
Restored two random encounters.
Restored one large area.
Added an ending to Cernd's quest.
Fixed XP rewards for things in ToB.
V3.1 (4 May 2013)
Deril might not die so easily during the first meeting.
Added a small reward for killing Deril.
V3.2 (12 May 2013)
Wisp wrote some code that will make the mod less able to destroy absolutely everything. Thank you, Wisp!
V3.3 (22 June 2013)
The ogre actually spawns this time.
Conversely, Deril doesn't spawn in the druid grove and murder everyone anymore.
V3.4 (11 October 2013)
Prescribed testosterone to the Fanatic trying to burn Viconia.
Changed something so that Rielev's lines won't be in Polish all the time
V3.4.1 (17 November 2013)
Added BG2EE compatibility.
V3.4.2 (2 March 2014)
The guy at Nalia's dad's funeral actually says his lines!
V3.5 (12 April 2014)
Added the destroyed Saradush map icon.
Tweaked some dumb stuff.
V4 (22 April 2014)
Added the Plane of Earth to Chateau Irenicus.
Restored two random encounters.
Restored two items.
Restored eight minor characters in total.
Tweaked encounter probability.
V4.1 (16 May 2014)
Added the item import fix.
Nerfed the boots of lightning speed even more.
Fixed UB compatibility by removing the AG encounter.
Removed the German translation.
V4.2 (18 May 2014)
Added a new way to the second level of Yaga-Shura's house.
V5 (28 May 2014)
Added an alternate version of Slayer Change.
Restored two items of plot value.
Restored one banter and eight dialogue options of varying value.
Changed the Slayer Test Area to be triggered by a dream.
V5.1 (28 May 2014)
Added two new demon encounters during the Planar Sphere quest.
Added a new dialogue to one of the other demons. Thanks for the info, Argent77!
V5.1.1 (1 June 2014)
Forked installs into regular and BG2EE version.
Fixed all new components to work on BG2EE.
V6 (3 June 2014)
Remerged the installs and recoded the tp2 with code stolen from UB.
Restored a text screen appearing when sent to Spellhold by Desharik.
Restored the original Berserker's Enrage icon.
Restored Firkraag's taunts.
Restored a trap in Planar Sphere.
Restored a page in the Spellhold Spellbook.
Restored the possibility to speak with Falik.
Restored two hints in the game.
Restored an encounter in Windspear Hills.
V6.1 (13 June 2014)
Added a failsafe for the most buggy components.
Restored two dialogues and one new-old character.
Retooled the code to fit absolutely every combination.
V6.2 (19 June 2014)
Added a text description for Nizdramanii'yt's disappearance.
Added a journal entry for meeting with Volo.
Fixed the viconia banter numbered responses bug.
V6.3 (11 July 2014)
Added new ToB Tracking lines.
Fixed the bug with missing ambients, maybe.
Fixed the bug with repeating Viconia banter.
V6.4 (13 July 2014)
Added a new line for the government worker.
Added a tax collector in the Government District.
V7 (15 August 2014)
Added the Extended Waukeen's Promenade Cutscene.
Added Saemon's Disguises.
Restored a bear's original look. Yeah, I know, lame.
Added two new dialog options and one banter.
Added a new secret enemy in the Unseeing Eye dungeon.
Added Italian translation by Sergio, Dutch translation by Tzarnal, Latin translation by Sleep of Bronze and Faroese translation by inscrutable horse.
Added Unix support.
Added automatic game recognition and deforked the OSX/Windows packages.
Reduced the globals load on the save file.
Changed Deril's scripts to make him more of a challenge.
Fixed a bug when a journal line would not appear in BG2EE. By the way, hit me up for iconv's source files, or download them here.
Fixed a bug where a mistyped camelCase would occasionally, very rarely, cause Ruined Saradush to have flubbed map name.
Fixed a bug where Ruined Saradush would occasionally move two pixels upwards on map and desync.
Fixed a bug where the player occasionally got two Swords of Chaos.
Fixed a bug with Sahuagin's Chamber not locking you in properly.
Fixed a bug with new areas' names' not conforming to the game language.
Removed the Plane of Earth component. It was just too glitchy.
V7.1 (16 August 2014)
Fixed the bug with ToB's random encounter area not disabling itself correctly.
V7.2 (19 August 2014)
Restored three class abilities icons.
Added journal entries for Saemon's disguises.
V7.2.1 (15 September 2014)
Fixed a bug with Viconia talking to Charname in Graveyard District while not being in party.
Downgraded WeiDU to the last universally stable version.
V8 (26 October 2014)
Added two new dialogues with the Amkethran smugglers.
Added descriptions to the final battle with Roenalls, depending on the outcome.
Added new ways to solve the quest for Raelis Shai, the Underdark Genie scenario and the Fear Trial.
Added a new druid to the Grove, currently acting as a placeholder.
V8.0.1 (28 October 2014)
Fixed a bug with Kalden not spawning properly.
V8.0.2 (29 October 2014)
Updated the Italian translation, thanks to Sergio.
Added a new line for the town crier.
Added two new journal entries.
Recoded journal handling and shortened the tp2.
V8.0.3 (12 December 2014)
Made Better Item Import not work on BG2EE, as it will be superseded by Beamdog's solution following Patch 1.3.
V8.1 (2 January 2015)
Restored eight multiplayer dialogues.
Improved the code to better handle modern functions.
V8.1.1 (10 January 2015)
Added Simplified Chinese translation by Sebastian C.
Ironed out some bugs with Better Item Import. Again.
V8.1.2 (22 February 2015)
Fixed a bug that was partially caused by Petr's reintroduction, but actually the reason was way deeper in the game.
V8.2 (17 April 2015)
Added a LiGNUx version and deforked the builds.
Ensured compatibility with Solaufein and BG2 Tweaks.
Updated WeiDU to v238.
V8.2.1 (20 June 2015)
Added a French translation by Isaya, with a readme and all.
Ditched the standalone version of HANDLE_CHARSETS.
Ensured a two-way compatibility with SCS and Ding0's Quest Pack.
V8.2.2 (2 August 2015)
Linux-only update consisting of removal of unnecessary files.
V8.2.3 (9 August 2015)
Ensured future compatibility with EET, thanks to K4thos.
V8.2.4 (13 September 2015)
Fixed a bug made possible by restoring the Gas Spores.
V8.2.5 (25 September 2015)
Fixed some inconsistencies in the Restored Sounds component.
V8.2.6 (9 January 2016)
Consolidated the three releases of ARP, again.
Ensured even further compatibility with newer releases of EET, thanks to K4thos.
V8.2.7 (9 August 2016)
Fixed a small difference in EET chapter numbering.
V8.2.8 (22 April 2017)
Buffed the Slayer form to match the description.
Fixed a bug where if you start the game from Chapter 8, you'd get stuck with a gimped Slayer change.

Click here to download this file

#2 Almateria


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Posted 20 March 2013 - 08:03 AM


It's not a small amount.

#3 Azazello


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Posted 20 March 2013 - 08:23 AM

The 'Restored Sounds' component 'sounds' {oops!} intriguing... Give us some background on it, how you came up with the idea, and an example or two of what it updates & extends.

#4 Almateria


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Posted 20 March 2013 - 08:34 AM

Right! I'm on it. [I'm terrible at writing readmes, I'm really sorrry]


I came up with the idea after I noticed that Goldander Blackenrock had extra unused lines which clearly fitted into such roles as battle cries, SELECT_COMMONs and such. After running a few more checks, it appeared that almost all generic soundsets had unused DAMAGE and DYING sounds. Almost all more important named characters also had a morale break sound. All of them were unused, sometimes the morale break sound was assigned as UNHAPPY_BREAKING_POINT. So I decided to spent 20 hours on assigning them back.

For example, gnomes using the GNOMEX0X soundset had all their normal meeting and battle cries, but the damaged, dying and morale break sounds weren't assigned to the characters using that particular set's SELECT_COMMON1 line. So I fixed it, and all the similar situations. Morale break sound wasn't used often, it was mostly included in soundsets of named characters, such as Lady Delcia, Maria or other. The largest number of sounds restored for a character is 10 for Goldander, with Isaea Roenall with 9 of them in the second place.

#5 Kulyok

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Posted 20 March 2013 - 08:41 AM

Congrats! Added to the modlist.

#6 Almateria


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Posted 20 March 2013 - 08:52 AM

Oh my god, I'm an official B-list modder and there's nowhere to go but up. Thanks!


The A-list is the BWP (But I really appreciate it!)

Edited by Almateria, 20 March 2013 - 08:53 AM.

#7 Almateria


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Posted 21 March 2013 - 04:32 AM

My testing is not up to the standard and it took me a whole day to realize that the third component couldn't be installed using English language. Fixed now!

#8 Yovaneth


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Posted 21 March 2013 - 11:30 AM




#9 Maanape

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Posted 23 March 2013 - 09:27 AM

I love mods that aim to restore original content instead of adding new ones, specially when doing so doesn't mean departing from ad&d 2ed to include d&d 3.5ed mechanics. I'd like to know how this interacts with BGT, and if it restores any BG1 character's sounds too.

Edited by Maanape, 23 March 2013 - 12:37 PM.

#10 Almateria


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Posted 23 March 2013 - 01:59 PM

That is a p. good question that I don't know the answer to! It depends on how BGT handles string assignation, that is, if the BG1 strings are glued to the BG2 dialog.tlk file. If yes, then it doesn't restore BG1 stuff, since the mod doesn't do any fancy string comparison, it just assigns sounds to characters using specific lines. There probably is a much more sophisticated way of doing that but I'm not good enough to do that.


e: And if not, the same strings in BG2 probably have a way different number in BG1.

Edited by Almateria, 23 March 2013 - 02:03 PM.

#11 Smiling Imp

Smiling Imp
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Posted 26 March 2013 - 07:46 AM

Nice job! If there was one thing missing from Baldur's Gate, it was more people crying out in agony as they met a gruesome demise ala Golden Axe. :new_thumbs:

Edited by Smiling Imp, 26 March 2013 - 07:46 AM.

Baldur's Gate 1 NPCs in SoA & ToB








Smiling Imp Cross Banter Mod




ZELINK (Zelda x Link) mod for Baldur's Gate 2 SOA



#12 Almateria


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Posted 26 March 2013 - 08:20 AM

I feel like a Nexus modder now. Thanks?!

#13 Maanape

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Posted 26 March 2013 - 04:59 PM

I'm trying your mod with BGT. But it seems to place a shadow cloack in every randomly spawned foe (all the xvarts and gnolls in Gnoll Stronghold have one). Actually, there's a line in rndtreas.2da called "shadowy" which may be the culprit. Should I simply delete this line, or is it intended to interact with something later in BG2?

#14 Almateria


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Posted 27 March 2013 - 05:43 AM

I screwed up :( I didn't think of the possiblity of other mods adding lines to rndtreas.2da (which is pretty stupid now that I think of it). If you remove the line from nrdtreas.2da in the override folder manually and install the ARP BGT Fixer I uploaded everything will be correct and no bugs will appear later.

#15 Almateria


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Posted 27 March 2013 - 05:59 AM

Also I'm implementing a better way of handling this as I post.

Edited by Almateria, 27 March 2013 - 05:59 AM.

#16 Almateria


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Posted 27 March 2013 - 07:20 AM

And a version that doesn't produce the same bug is now live!

#17 -Guest-

  • Guest

Posted 28 March 2013 - 03:05 AM

How compatible is this with a BWP installation?

#18 Almateria


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Posted 28 March 2013 - 04:06 AM



It should be very compatible, since nothing that's added or modified can screw with anything else. At least, now with version 1.2, the previous versions did that terrible bug.

#19 -Guest-

  • Guest

Posted 28 March 2013 - 04:21 AM

Thanks, I'll try it out.

#20 -Gast-

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Posted 28 March 2013 - 08:00 AM

Hello, Almateria!


    I played Almateria's Enhanced Small Locations/Places with this german translation: 

@100 = ~Aran Linvails Garderobe wird jetzt dem Ort gerecht.~

@101 = ~Einer der Umhänge, die von den Schattendieben getragen werden, wenn sie besonders schattenhaft daher kommen wollen. Fraglos der eleganteste Umhang, den ihr je zu Gesicht bekamt.~
@200 = ~'Wiederbelebtes' Zelt in Handelstreff.~
@300 = ~Kiser haelt jetzt ein Gaestezimmer vor.~
All went fine. So Kiser is doubled, when you split your party in his home. I sent Jan to investigate the new room. So he and the rest of the party are standing in front of a Kiser. Nothing of importance, but I like to tell you.
    I have not made an installation with your Almateria's Restoration Project, but this should work:
@100 = ~Bettet neu zugaengliche Raeume in das Spiel ein.~
@101 = ~Einer der Umhänge, die von den Schattendieben getragen werden, wenn sie besonders schattenhaft daher kommen wollen. Fraglos der eleganteste Umhang, den ihr je zu Gesicht bekamt - und bis an das Ende eurer Tage wohl je schauen werdet.~
@200 = ~Bindet vergessene Charaktere ein.~
@300 = ~Restaurierte Sounds~
@400 = ~In Reihe gebrachte polnische Sprachdateien.~