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BG2 Overview

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#1 Rhaella

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Posted 19 May 2013 - 04:01 PM

Isra can be found in the Den of the Seven Vales in Waukeen's Promenade, where she is looking into some family concerns. She will not immediately join the party, though you will have the chance to establish whether or not you knew her in BG1. There will be significant differences in her early dialogue depending upon which you choose.

Isra will have several quests in Athkatla -- one that begins when you first recruit her, and a related one that triggers after you've had her for a while. Your reputation will need to be 14 or higher to receive the second quest. If you like intrigue involving the merchant nobility, her storyline will probably appeal to you. On a related note, she's not entirely above family rivalries, so speaking to noblemen might win you some extra content.

Isra is, of course, romanceable in BG2 by good-aligned protagonists with CHR 13+, regardless of race, class, or gender. Her romance is relatively easygoing and perhaps a bit on the slow burn side; don't expect declarations of everlasting love, demands for marriage, or anything along those lines. Isra may be very romantic, but she's also painfully aware of how difficult it is to balance romance and the paladin lifestyle.

Because of the way that her BG1 friendship progressed and her relatively casual outlook, if she already knew you in Baldur's Gate, she will be willing to commit to a romance very early in the dialogue track. You won't get more content out of this track than the non-BG1 track, though there will obviously be significant differences in dialogue here and there.

Due to the nature of the game, you will need to reach the committed stage of her romance before setting sail for Brynnlaw. Her dialogue is cut into two parts: the early stuff that happens before Spellhold, and a handful of additional talks (as well as one mini-quest contingent upon the Bodhi-napping) that are scattered afterwards. The earlier parts will ONLY trigger prior to Chapter 4. You can use PID to make sure you don't miss anything -- if you ask her what she thinks of the quest, once her dialogue is exhausted, she'll tell you she's getting worried about Imoen.

If you're not interested in or eligible for romancing Isra, she has friendship content as well. There are no stat or alignment requirements for a friendship -- Isra has no problem with neutral-aligned people, she's just generally not romantically interested in them. Like in BG1, however, she will not join the party if the PC is evil-aligned.

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Posted 19 May 2013 - 04:03 PM

At this point, she's got 3-4 dialogues with just about everybody in SOA and an additional dialogue per NPC in ToB.

Aerie: These two have a pretty close friendship.

Anomen: Anomen does not play nice with paladins. Isra isn't impressed by his behavior, but she's disinclined to step on Radiant Heart toes by calling him out on it. They'll get along better once he passes his test, but don't expect them to ever really be friends.

Cernd: Isra doesn't really understand the whole druid thing, and Cernd kind of enjoys trolling her. They sort of get along, but not wonderfully.

Edwin: This is the closest things get to actual violence. Isra absolutely loathes Edwin, who definitely pushes the envelop a bit in seeing how offensive he can be without losing his head.

Haer'dalis: These two get along really well. Their relationship is actually a bit on the flirty side, though Isra is too disturbed by his philosophy to ever let it go anywhere.

Imoen: They got along fine in BG1 and they will again here.

Jaheira: They care about each other, but they're both pretty terrible when it comes to communicating that properly. Despite the personality clash, they get along reasonably well.

Jan: Jan is... well, Jan. Isra isn't thrilled with him, though she doesn't get too bent out of shape by the prodding.

Keldorn: Isra doesn't have much of any experience with Tormites, and isn't really sure what to expect. He wins her over pretty quickly, though.

Korgan: Isra's a Sunite. His crudeness is not going to go over well at all. Neither will anything else about him. He's got some respect for her since she's not afraid to back things up with violence, but he'll still rile her up whenever possible.

Mazzy: These two will have a close friendship, though Mazzy is a little bit exasperated at times by some of the Sunite tendencies.

Minsc: They get along well, though Isra isn't quite so fond of Boo. One of the banters only triggers if she was around in BG1.

Nalia: They'll have a bit of trouble, though once they settle down, they'll mostly be fine. They've definitely got some things in common.

Valygar: Isra thinks Valygar is lonely and in need of a friend (and a god as well). Valygar thinks Isra is exhausting, though he doesn't have the heart to tell her so.

Viconia: They tolerate each other, though just barely. Viconia is less hostile than she'd be with a male paladin, but that doesn't say much.

Yoshimo: Yoshimo is a career thief, and Isra isn't too happy about that. They don't have any serious problems, though.

#3 -Myst-

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Posted 12 August 2013 - 05:19 PM

How does her romance conflict work with Viccy Jaheira and Aerie?

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Posted 12 August 2013 - 06:24 PM

For the most part, one of the NPCs will bring up the subject with the PC. There is a little bit of bickering with Jaheira, but nobody will interject into anyone else's conversations. (No romance related bickering with Viconia, because it would almost certainly end in blood, and I am hesitant to do that to the player.)

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Posted 15 November 2013 - 12:39 PM

Okay, updates for v2. Crossmod has been included in the recent release as well, at least until the next version of the Crossmod Banter Pack over at G3.


BG2EE banters:


Dorn: Yeah, no. Don't mix blackguards and paladins. It will end violently.


Hexxat: See above. No violence this time, but Isra won't travel with her anymore than most of the good-aligned folk will.


Neera: They got along fine in BG1 and will again here. (3 / 1)


Rasaad: Isra's really worried about his vendetta, but he's not really interested in advice. (3 / 1)




Adrian: Adrian hates paladins in general, but he thinks the Sunite thing is ridiculous. They sort of tolerate each other. (4 / 1)


Coran: They get along in the same sort of pseudo-flirtacious way that they did in BG1. (2 / 1)


Dace: Dace enjoys the unconventionality, but enjoys driving Isra up a wall even more. (3 / 1)


Nephele: No major arguments, though there's a bit of friction. Mostly they get along fine. (2)


Ninde: Ninde's a romantic at heart and enjoys the Sunite angle. Isra's less than impressed by her antics but doesn't consider her a real threat. (3 / 2)


Tiax: Tiax is too insane for Isra to take him seriously as a Cyricist, but she doesn't exactly enjoy his company either. (1 / 1)


Xan: They don't see eye to eye on a lot of things, but they get along halfway decently, especially if they were both around in BG1. (3 / 1)

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Posted 19 September 2015 - 01:12 PM

A question. Will there be any interaction with Isra and Chloe? After all, if Chloe can say for Aerie "This may be just my hormones talking, but I say that we take this lovely young elf with us (Grin).", then in interaction with Isra there could even be something. Of course, Chloe's true neutral attitude could rile Isra up sometimes (there are very few people that aren't vexed by such an attitude), but if a lawful good Aerie can say nice things about Chloe, then a Sunite might feel right at home with her.