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BG Graphics Overhaul released for BGTuTu, BGT & BGEE!

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Posted 29 June 2013 - 07:26 PM

It's actually fairly difficult to write a description of this mod that does it justice, but for all of you with BGTuTu and BGT, this mod is a must. For those with BGEE, there can be problems, but it is still definitely worth an install to check if it works with your game.


According to Yovaneth, "This mod is probably the biggest visual overhaul of the game since it was released. To start, it reinstates the extended night areas that are missing from all main areas except Baldur's Gate. For example, an obvious symptom of the missing extended night occurs when you walk up to a campfire in (say) the xvart village and the lighting reflecting off the party never changes from night to firelight. Other obvious symptoms are areas with buildings (Beregost, Nashkel, Candlekeep, etc.) that have no lighting in the windows at night."


A (short and extremely incomplete) list of the fixes the BG Graphics Overhaul mod makes is as follows:

- Adds proper lighting to all night areas

- Adds torches and flames to all areas lacking them

- New water overlays at night

- Building windows light up at night

- All manner of visual fixes, day and night

- Fixes many, many inconsistencies between day/night maps

- Adds missing minimaps to many areas

- And finally, an optional component removing all of the ugly purple/blue patches at night throughout the game


This is an extensive mod representing an incredible amount of work, and is definitely worth a look.


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