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Create New Character Upon Death

Character Creation Death New Mod

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Posted 03 July 2013 - 09:09 PM

Hi! So this is the first time I have done something like this, so give me feedback.


I was thinking, a while ago, in Oblivion, what would happen if you died? Who would take up the task of saving Cyrodiil and closing the Oblivion gates? So I thought of this.


What if, when you died, you had the choice of being able to load your previous save, or create a new character?

See, it would work like this. You would die, and then create the new character. Then everything begins. I have some lore and it goes like this:


The new character walks past a gravestone, and sees a note. He picks it up, and reads it. It goes something like this:

'If you are reading this, then you must take up my quest. I, (old character name), am writing this that, upon my death, it will be placed at my gravestone, and whoever picks it up will keep my items and continue my quest. You must do this. Push my gravestone down, and my coffin will rise from the earth. There, you will take my items, and continue my quest. Good luck.'


Then it starts. You take up the items from the grave, upon opening it, and continue the quest. You have to talk to Martin and Jauffre and they have the same reaction to you that they do when they first meet you, saying those original things, or something along those lines. You then take up from the quest you were up to, and are given your old character's journal with all the old quests and everything in it.


That is my idea.


I hope someone takes this into account and make it come true.



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