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When to install this mod?

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Posted 14 July 2013 - 02:37 AM

Originally I thought that you would be able to install this mod at any time in the install order but the new night .wed files have thrown up some unexpected and completely unforeseen problems with existing mods that modify the day .wed files. It also won't play nice with the Widescreen mod either if the Widescreen is installed first but perhaps I should have foreseen that.


So, the absolute command for BGTuTu and BGT is: you must install this mod before installing the Widescreen mod. BG:EE effectively already has the Widescreen mod built in as part of its native zoom and scale ability.


The best time to install Graphics Overhaul would be during a new build and immediately after installing the official patch and that includes before any mods that say 'you must install me immediately after the official patch'. The chances are that they are trying to change an existing file or two whereas I'm actually adding a bucketload of new files.


So which mods is it incompatible with? Any and every mod that patches an existing .wed file. The obvious question is 'why can't I patch the wed files instead of overwriting them?'. Consider Berelinde's Gavin mod. Gavin patches a house in Beregost to add a new entrance but Gavin has no idea about the new Beregost night wed file that I've created. The result is a crash in the game when Gavin has already entered the house during the day and tries to enter it at night. No problem if Gavin arrives at night for the first time because the entrance simply isn't there. The solution is to notify me of any mods that cause this problem and I'll update the installer to check for and modify the new .wed files as required.



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