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Beautiful mod

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#1 Eva Galana

Eva Galana
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Posted 04 September 2013 - 03:28 PM

Okay, here's how much I love Adrian:  This is the FIRST time, since the game's release (and I've owned it since day 1) that I've finished ToB!  And it's all because of this beautiful, flawed, cantankerous half-elven former Zhent!  I'm going to replay when/if you revamp/update.  The only thing I wished for - more PID choices, more flirts, and more NPC interaction.  Otherwise, great mod.  I giggled at the epilogue.

#2 Rhaella

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Posted 12 September 2013 - 09:17 PM

I'm glad you enjoyed him! There will be an update for BG2EE once it comes out in November, so if you've got any specific suggestions for more content, I can maybe look into it. =)

#3 Kai of Candlekeep

Kai of Candlekeep

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Posted 16 September 2013 - 03:17 PM

I have been gone from this community for a really, really long time (gosh, has it really been *SIX* years??) and this is the mod that made me feel the need to de-lurk.   I'm a sucker for a good romance mod, but I'm so terribly picky... if the writing isn't good, the mod gets un-installed within two or three hours of playing.   I don't like to waste my precious playthrough time, what can I say?  LOL.


But OMG Adrian...


I absolutely ***ADORE*** the writing.... it's so well-done!   The interjections are well-placed and appropriate, very in-character.  I think he's adorable: cheeky and darkly mysterious, cynical, witty... I'm dying to get to know him better.   I love the fact that he's mysterious without being ridiculous.  Rhaella.... you've created a gem!


Now about that voice-acting...?  That's the only thing this mod needs.  For all other intents and purposes.... I'm thoroughly and hopelessly in love! 

Having a highly active imagination can be very taxing on the purity of one's soul at times...
- Sir Kalthorine ut Wistan

I find you amusing... in a "What the hell is wrong with you?" kind of way...
- Jaheira, BG1

#4 -Jason Farrell-

-Jason Farrell-
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Posted 23 August 2014 - 01:45 AM

This is outstanding work.  I'm very impressed by both the quality and the quantity of content on display. 

#5 Isewein

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Posted 15 April 2018 - 12:31 PM

I can't recommend this mod enough. If there is one mod NPC that should go into every single install, it surely has to be Adrian, simply by virtue of his completely unobtrusive nature and seamless integration. I really like about him that he works well as both a spotlight NPC (i.e., if you're doing his romance, I imagine) or just someone who has good reasons to tag along with Charname regardless, if only to reap the benefits of associating with a power-to-be. There is too few 'regular' folks around when it comes to mod NPCs (surely it says something that I describe a former Zhent as regular...), and Rhaella's mods thankfully fill that niche. What further distinguishes Adrian is that his grounded personality never starts to seem out of place (a slight gripe I had with the later stage of the Isra mod) - he is a man who has seen a lot before and learned to adjust, and his coping with undreamt-of power and the prospects of Lichdom arcs in ToB were a refreshingly realistic reaction.


Being the voice of common sense amidst the unfolding prophecy is a role that works for Adrian, and his dialogues were all the more enjoyable contrasted with my chaotic neutral Charname's responses. Despite his exasperation at her unshakeable confidence and flightiness, I felt they turned from adventuring associates into real friends somewhere along the line. Actually, all of Rhaella's writing is simply superb! And as far as I can tell this mod has a truly staggering amount of it, of which I likely only explored a fraction in this playthrough, taking Adrian along only occasionally and having him tend to the Planar Sphere / Pocket Plane in Charname's absence otherwise. The only aspect I found wanting is the relationship Adrian develops with Jaheira if he decides to finally 'stop blaming others' (what a refreshingly novel take on the redemption trope!) - the final dialogue in ToB was heartwarming, but I found the volte-face between the two rather too sudden. If you ever feel like working on this mod again, I would encourage you to add one or two more banters there. :)


My profound thanks for the many laughs & thoughts Adrian has given me! Rhaella, I don't know where your muse has moved on to by now, but I sure hope you are finding some manner of expression for that literary talent of yours. Perfectly loveable and flawed characters such as Adrian and Isra remind me of the best of 90s ensemble cast shows such as DS9.


PS: Here's a little screenshotted anecdote of emergent narrative which I thought you might appreciate. :-) 


So, remember how there's this girl Asana in Amkethran which you are basically guilt-tripped into defending against some ridiculously underpowered mercenaries? Seems drunk!Adrian had finally warmed up to the idea of playing the hero from time to time, and decided to grace the occasion with that newly acquired Imprisonment spell of his (breaking a butterfly on a wheel seems just like the kind of thing a hungover Adrian would do) - yet thanks to SCS, their mage had a new Spell Turning up in a moment's notice, and poor Adrian got to taste his own medicine. Hilarity ensued when I realised that he was also the only team member to have Freedom memorised ... needless to say, I imagined my Charname teasing him for his heroic flamboyance for the rest of the game, just as he had done with her for most of SoA.

Moments like this... only in Baldur's Gate! ^_^

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#6 Rhaella

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Posted 16 April 2018 - 08:44 PM

Thank you for your kind words, Isewein! Very much appreciated, and I'm glad you've enjoyed him so much! ^_^

#7 Mirandel

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Posted 29 April 2018 - 03:38 PM

Thank you for your kind words, Isewein! Very much appreciated, and I'm glad you've enjoyed him so much! ^_^


You well WELL deserve it. Adrian was the first NPC I was able to accept from all the available mod NPCs out there. And it was time when I wanted something new but refused to lower the game standards even slightest. I found excellent NPC extension mods, but stand-alone new one were ... how to put it... standing out way too much in every aspect. I was trying and uninstalling in horror, almost decided it's just not for me, but then Adrian happen. And now he is a necessary part of my game (and group).


So, thank you very much from me too!