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How to cure hiccup

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#1 -z500-

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Posted 05 September 2013 - 01:16 PM

I was cursed by jumble murdersense and Before I realized what it meant I killed him. I Went to that mage Onix or what his name is but I cant use the counter curse since Jumble is dead. Then I went back the body was gone so I cant buy one of those magical revive dead items. Remove curse doesnt help either off course. So is there any way of breaking the hiccup curse after you have killed him? Its very annoying and makes combat difficult. I dont want to play the rest of the game with it but I also dont want to start from scratch playing everything over again.  

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Posted 05 September 2013 - 11:04 PM

This is one solution that has worked for other people and that I found using my keen sense of Google fu.

1. Open Near Infinity.
2. Open PS:T in Near Infinity.
3. Find DSALABSH.DLG and go into edit mode.
4. Scroll down to Action 1 and add ApplySpell(Protagonist, SPECIAL_REMOVE_JUMBLE_CURSE).
5. Press export and save DSALBASH.DLG into your override folder.
6. Launch the game and talk to the Onyx. Ask him if he is the mage who cursed the performer down the street
and the curse should go away.


Haven't tested it myself, so use at your own discretion, and have a backup copy of your save and of DSALBASH.DLG.  And in the future, save early, save often, in different slots, and don't go on senseless killing sprees.  ;)

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