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Mod bugs

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Posted 14 June 2019 - 07:03 AM

I am aware that the mod is not supported anymore, but nonetheless I thought I'd give my feedback.

I'm at the beginning of the mod. It seems some of the old remarks that were made about it still holds true.

1. I couldn't find the lightkeeper hut without reading the forums, because his hut doesn't have a door, and it's hidden at the top, which is not natural at all. Going through the trouble of investigating the numerous other houses yield little. It might feel realist, but it's not good to have people doing nothing in a game.

2. I killed the Tanarr'i. Yeah. Why? He's an evil demon that says he's trapped. When you kill demons, they return to their home plane. Apparently that is also the case for him. Resolving nicely the Tanarr'i questline. Except of course, the mod doesn't make him respawn, and doesn't expect you at all to kill him.

3. Therefore, I'm blocked out of the questline, unless I cheat and go to the west govt. district to get the ghoul hand. The trap of the living is *extremely* annoying as an idea. Would be very fun in a game of d&d but not in a rpg computer.

At this point, I can't really add more to my feedback.