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BiG World Setup (an attempt to update the program)

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Posted 17 May 2017 - 03:08 AM

i'll fix that when i'm not tired ok

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Posted Today, 10:57 AM

Is BWS Original BG1+BG2 Trilogy playable anymore? 


In the last 2-3 weeks Ive done at least 5 installations of "Tactics" and there are game ending bugs.  I've tried a few posts and configurations but I cant seem to pin point why.  


I only play to the end of Chapter 3 each time, after that the game crashed whenever I try to enter Nashkel Carnival, wheather using map or Console.  The other two bugs are Death of Party game crashes before Hand Movie starts.  Duergar Bounty Hunters in the mines, the Rogue Duergar crashed game on his first action.  Each new install I checked these with a pre-gen character quickly skipping through the game to see if they are still present....when they are, I re-install.


Ive been using the Default Configuration of "Tactics" with only a couple of changes.  I get rid of Hard Times and I get rid of the the option that makes enemies +1 AC/Save/THAC0 and instead pick add more HPs.  The only conflict that shows is a Potrait Pack, "Drows" not being capatible with "BG Paint".  Ive tried installations getting rid of Drows and keeping it anyway, same bugs either way.


I read BWS isnt being updated anymore and since I read that, I was trying to get one last good install.   Am I too late?


Has anyone reciently used BWS on a Tactics install and played that far without this happening? or happening also?

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