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The 'official' BWP Fixpack thread

BiG World Project Fixpack

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Posted 11 July 2019 - 01:00 AM

With the disappearance of the Lollorian, agb1 and other contributors, it's safe to assume that BWFixpack is abandoned for good. The good news is: all remaining EET patches were incorporated into official mod versions. And many old mods have now official EE version so you don't really need BWFixpack anymore.


Furthermore, no one should really try to fix the mods using such complicated, tedious, time-consuming and ineffective process. Especially when you want to fix critical bugs or add translations.


The Github repository will be online just in case someone would like to use an very old mods.

Project Infinity public BETA - mod manager for Infinity Engine games

Infinity Auto Packager - automatically generate and adds mod packages to GitHub release

Modder's Guide to GitHub - you cannot have progress without committing changes