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Question for SoBH

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#1 majikwheel

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Posted 28 October 2013 - 09:29 PM

Hey folks. I am wondering a few things. I just read a walkthrough for SoBH and the person who wrote it says that the bandit leader carries a girdle of hill giant str.....and that the mage of the town has a chest in his tower with a tomb of knowledge and that there is a tomb of knowledge in the chest behind the specter and those obnoxious gas spores in the caves of the keep ruins............well I found a non magical girdle on the bandit leader...when I went up to the mages tower there was -no- chest at all......nothing lights up that I can open............and there is no tomb of knowledge in the chest behind the specter....are these all set treasure or are they random ? 


I am also running into a bug that makes yalta ? I think is the name ...the person in the temple area that ask you to look into the knoll raids.....speaks a language I have no idea what it is and when you try to tell him/her ( cant tell ) I get a " no replies or links" option........and I have never been able to trigger the Martin quest. ..All I get is a option to say " ok wako I will be going now" or somthing along those lines........its strange...anyone know how to fix that ? I assume its a scripting error. 

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