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Romances interaction hole

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#1 Nessa

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Posted 09 November 2013 - 03:35 AM


I don't know if Aeryn is still around, but I love her romance mods, so I wanted to share a bit of info on a hole in interaction between 2 of her mods.


I have both Sarevok and Haer'Dalis mods installed, and I was romancing Haer'Dalis (stage2) while grabbing Sarevok into party and starting his romance dialogue. I've never talked to Haer'Dalis about Sarevok as it starts "Cheater" string and I went dark path with Sarevok, without proposing him for a sex (I thought that 1 night with Sarevok before the final battle would be more "natural" for my romance and commitment to Haer'Dalis). At encounter with Gorion's shade Sarevok's cutscene popped up, even though all we had between us were just regular talks, while Haer'Dalis's romance flourished.

In Amkethran Haer'Dalis presented me a book without breaking up (well, he had no reason to, as I had not cheated him), but then we had Tes encounter and going through the options I found out that Haer'Dalis would blame me for sleeping with Sarevok, even though I didn't (that's the only option if you refuse to their proposition). After that we had our night with Sarevok, and I refused to ascend in final battle, so we ended up with Sarevok following me and Haer'Dalis on the Planes, making sweet threesome. Not that I am against it hehe, but I don't think such an option was intended  :P (I think good path would work the same as long as you don't talk with Haer'Dalis about Sarevok).


Maybe force Haer'Dalis's talk about Sarevok, to avoid creating amusing swedish family? :lol2:

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#2 -Freya-

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Posted 18 May 2014 - 01:35 AM

I had this exact problem! And when I booted Sarevok out of my party so the interaction could focus on Haer'Dalis, Gorion still summoned Tamoko and the whole coversation stall3ed -- obviously because Sarevok wasn't there t respond. It was very odd!