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Viconia/Valygar game-breaking bug

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#1 Delfosse

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Posted 19 December 2013 - 10:22 PM



Here's how it is. I'm well deep into the game (underdark).


Viconia turns to Valygar, but the conversation doesn't fire up. She stops doing whatever she's doing once every 2 seconds and turns to him. She can barely move, since she cancels all actions once every 1-2 seconds.


Killing him or her helps temporarily and the game is playable while at least one of them is dead. After I ress them both, the bug immediately reoccurs and the game becomes unplayable again.


(I'm not sure whether it's IEP or banter pack's bug)


How can I resolve this and help you fix it?

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#2 -jastey*-

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Posted 20 December 2013 - 12:12 AM

I don't have a link (only to a German text) but do a search for the Stutter Debug Tool, install it to your game (patching all of Viconia's scripts) and write here what it sais in the game which script block is looping together with pasting the content of the appropriate bcs block.

#3 Delfosse

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Posted 20 December 2013 - 01:07 AM

I found what you are referring to, but that's a bit beyond my level. 


Found that somebody else had the same bug over a year ago http://www.shsforums...ports/?p=549575