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Viconia romance bugginess

Friendship gone wild

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Posted 07 January 2014 - 01:40 AM

I'm not sure this is related to this, but I cannot imagine what else might have changed her dialogue around.


I turned Viconia down and she said something like 'we're done' basically, but then Jaheira just came back from the harper hold, I rested at the copper coronet, woke up to find Jaheira saying "there you are" etc, she joins the party, and then Viconia suddenly says something like "I trust your extertions were...worthwhile?" and the dialogue continues as though, well, you get the idea.


I turned her down to have the friendship track from IEP, so this is annoying, whatever the reason. Sorry if this is not to do with this mod, I'm just hoping for some help though.


Could it be the "Nothing kills romances" sub-option from the Romance Cheats component of bg2 Tweak pack?


If so, any way to undo that change?


I assumed that component was more for kicking people out of party and such, and not outright a case of no matter what I say they keep going, which is what it might be if that is the cause of this issue.


No means no Viconia!


Edited: Another quick query, does the friendship truly not trigger at all if you refuse her late on? Maybe this is the issue (as well I should say, the no kill romance thing was an issue too, I fixed that with NI, and made sure all other variables are fine).


My Lovetalk variable is 51 at this point and your baf for her checks if this is >27 and sets SetGlobal("I#ViconiaFriendship","GLOBAL",3) which seems to be the end of the path, i.e. nothing happens.


I refused her at the point where the dialogue goes:


This will never work out.  I think it's best that this relationship doesn't continue, Viconia.


Yes, perhaps it is for the best.  Aluve' mrann d'ssinss.  I shall bother you no more.

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