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Bug?-Romance Conflict w/ ended other Romance

romance conflict

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#1 -mimikoi-

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Posted 06 February 2014 - 09:44 PM

Hi everyone!

Quick question/problem/bug: I romanced both Haer'Dalis and Anomen in SOA to completion, committing to HD at the Hell scene.

However, for my story, I manually broke-off the romance with Anomen (setting all the variables to 0) in TOB's beginning. I thought everything was fine until I did the PID interactions with Haer'Dalis and every so often his responses insinuate my Charname is still romancing two lovers/cheating.

Befuddled, I tried resetting Anomen's variables to 3, then 0 again in the console box, and removing him from the party. I tried making the changes in SOA first, then transitioning to TOB, and yet HD still occasionally says his little comments. I know the commitment changes must've worked somehow because when I checked the PID the "I'm in love with Anomen" selection was gone. I even got to the Wraith section and HD's didn't come up :P 

(I do have Romantic Encounters installed if it matters, but I completed SOA/TOB on the uncommitted HD track and it worked fine.) 


As long as I can finish TOB on the committed track I'm fine, but I'm slightly saddened by HD's comments and the missing Wraith scene :[


Any clues, anyone?? I have no clue who else HD  could be conflicting with. Is there some commitment track of PID options I could manually change for HD? What does this mod look for for determining presence of another lover? 


Thanks if you can help! :)

#2 Aeryn



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Posted 07 February 2014 - 11:10 AM

There's another variable I used to track cheating in SoA, mostly to make following Romatic Encounters simpler. In ToB, that variable by itself won't make HD do anything too dramatic, but he will still take jabs now and then (and there's an extra encounter or two...). If it bothers you, it can be reset:


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#3 -mimikoi-

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Posted 07 February 2014 - 02:12 PM

woohoo!! I reloaded an old save for testing and it worked!! yippee! I was so confused, lol. 
hmmm, I might finish TOB, then replay to see the other two encounters, though. 

Thank you a ton for your help, and so quickly at that!  :ROFL: