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No further mention of nether scroll once lich is dead/looted

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#1 -Dominic0-

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Posted 26 February 2014 - 10:07 AM


Edwin mentions the nether scroll after I develop our romance a bit, so I obligingly I head to the cemetary, kill Nevaziah and loot the body. My understanding is that Edwin is supposed to say something about having obtained the scroll at this point (but he bugs the game if I suggest that it is "party loot"... Edwin is supremely powerful like that I MUST ROMANCE HIM). Anyways, this isn't the case; he doesn't mention the scroll ever again.


I've continued questing for several in-game days and still no mention of the scroll/Edwina transformation. I've gotten as far as the Underdark. I probably shouldn't have waited so long before looking into this problem but I'm a forum noob and I find this whole troubleshooting process somewhat intimidating. I'd appreciate any help!

PS: I tried attaching some game save files but I don't know how. Copy/paste and dragging the files didn't seem to work, so I guess I need help with that too >.< (SORRY)

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#2 Agashi

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Posted 04 March 2014 - 12:25 AM

Hmmm... I know that in older versions of the mod, if you told Edwin that the scroll was party loot, it would basically terminate the romance. If that's what you ended up saying, that might be where you went wrong. I also know that it's recommended you not set sail to Brynnlaw until Edwin's business on land is completely concluded (read: his romance is almost over) so maybe there just wasn't enough time for the timer to expire (I think it goes by realtime as opposed to in-game days).


If you aren't offered a better solution (I think Wisp and Kaeloree are still active on these forums, so you should be) I'd recommend just reloading a save from right before you got the Nether scroll.


I believe if you want to attach files to your posts, you need to click on the "More Reply Options" button next to the "Post" button. It might not be enabled if you are posting as a guest, however, so you would need to create an account first if you don't have one.

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