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Romance keeps ending automatically and flirt menu disappeared

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#1 -Guest-

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Posted 09 March 2014 - 10:49 AM



I recently started a new playthrough of BG2:EE with a number of mods (all of which were explicitly designated to be compatible with the Enhanced Edition). I'm currently up to the very start of Chapter 3, and have had to manually set the RH#ISRATALKS variable a number of times to get the romance to progress since talk 29. For some weird reason the romance keeps automatically setting itself to 3, even after successfully going through the next love talk.


Also, the flirt menu disappeared sometime around the same time.


I've set RH#ISRANEERAROMANCE to 3 and fiddled around with RH#ISRASTARTFLIRTS and RH#ISRATIMEFORFLIRT as well, but to no avail.


I don't think my limited dealings with Shadowkeeper could've broken the save in that regard. But even if, I loathe restarting the entire playthrough, even if that means I have to settle for a band-aid fix of sorts. Any suggestion that goes beyond manually setting the romanceactive and talk variables every single time would be appreciated. I wouldn't mind having the flirt menu back either.





#2 Rhaella

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Posted 09 March 2014 - 02:28 PM

Are you romancing Neera concurrently? As soon as NeeraRomanceActive hits 2, Isra's will automatically switch off.

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Posted 09 March 2014 - 10:48 PM

Indeed I am... and Viconia... and Dace.


Please don't judge me. I just didn't want to start new playthrough just for romance content of one NPC. =[


Anywho, that is why I fiddled with the RH#ISRANEERAROMANCE variable. I figured there might be a conflict somewhere. Although I expected it to be more like with Viconia, where I get a conflict dialogue, choose one of the two and then go to Shadowkeeper and automatically set the romanceactive variable of the rejected party back to 1/2.


Ah well, anything I can do?

#4 Rhaella

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Posted 10 March 2014 - 05:41 PM

Neera's romance is actually much shorter than Viconia's, so it will set to 2 sooner. Once Viconia's finally goes to committed, you should end up with the same problem. You'll have no problems multi-romancing with Dace, but you'd need to actually manually alter the scripting to make things work with Neera and Viconia.

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Posted 10 March 2014 - 10:48 PM

Well, I'm to the advanced part of the relationship with all of them. Even with Isra herself, I'm up to talk 37. Which is the last one before Brynnlaw/Spellhold, I think.

Which parts would I have to alter?

#6 Rhaella

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Posted 11 March 2014 - 07:48 PM

Okay, since this is more than a Shadowkeeper fix, it would actually be extremely, extremely dangerous to go in and manually edit things unless you understand scripting. In case you don't, I figured it'd be easier to edit it myself than try to explain it.


I haven't actually tested it, so I can't promise it'll work. Make a backup of rh#isr.bsc somewhere just in case and then drop this in your override file. Unless I've misidentified what's causing the romance to shut down and it is some bug instead of just cross-romance kills, this SHOULD let you multi-romance without problems.

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Posted 11 March 2014 - 10:34 PM

Your help is very much appreciated. I shall test it out and give you feedback about how it turns out.

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Posted 12 March 2014 - 11:25 AM

I manually set RH#ISRAROMANCEACTIVE to 2 again using SK and my last save, then followed your instructions. Here's what I get:


The flirt menu is back, but the RH#ISRAROMANCEACTIVE variable will still automatically switch to 3. On top of that, it now also automatically switches the RH#ISRANEERAROMANCE variable back to 2, even though I had it set to 3 since the problems started.


Granted, I do not know if it is supposed to, but the flirt menu also does not provide any new options compared to romance stage 1.


On the off-chance that it will help, I provided all the Isra entries from Shadowkeeper for the current save:


RH#ALIMTALKS                                  6

RH#ISRA_AVATAR                              1

RH#ISRA_BODHI1                              1

RH#ISRA_BORINALL                          1

RH#ISRA_EDWIN2                              1

RH#ISRA_EMBARL                             1

RH#ISRA_FIRKY1                               1

RH#ISRA_GAAL                                  1

RH#ISRA_GARREN2                          1

RH#ISRA_GARREN3A                        1

RH#ISRA_HENDAK2                           1

RH#ISRA_INSPECT                            1

RH#ISRA_LEHTINAN                          1

RH#ISRA_LURRAXOL                        1

RH#ISRA_MAEVAR2                          1

RH#ISRA_MAEVAR3                          1

RH#ISRA_RAISSA                              1

RH#ISRA_RENAL2                             1

RH#ISRA_SARLES2                           1

RH#ISRA_TIRIS                                  1

RH#ISRA_TOLGERIAS                       1

RH#ISRA_TRADEMEET                     1

RH#ISRA_UMARKIDS                         1

RH#ISRA_UMARMAYOR                    1

RH#ISRA_VICBURNING                      1

RH#ISRA_WELLYN3                           1


RH#ISRAALIATALKS                           3

RH#ISRAARMORFLIRT                      2

RH#ISRAFIRKRAAG                           3

RH#ISRAFLIRTCOUNTER                  3

RH#ISRAFLIRTTIMER                        1526975

RH#ISRAJOINED                                 1




RH#ISRAMORNING                            2

RH#ISRANEERA1                               1

RH#ISRANEERA2                               1

RH#ISRANEERA3                               1

RH#ISRANEERAROMANCE                2


RH#ISRAPATRICIA                              1

RH#ISRAQUESTONE                          16



RH#ISRAQUESTTIMER                          1528463

RH#ISRAQUESTTWO                             13


RH#ISRARANAATTACKED                 4    

RH#ISRARANAESCORT                     1


RH#ISRAROMANCECHECK                1

RH#ISRASALVANAS                           1

RH#ISRASEVENVALES                       5

RH#ISRASEX                                      1

RH#ISRASHADELORD                       3



RH#ISRASTARTFLIRTS                     7

RH#ISRATALKS                                  37

RH#ISRATALKSTIMER                       2572888

RH#ISRATIMEFORFLIRT                   0

RH#ISRAVALYGAR1                           1

RH#ISRAVICONIA1                             1

RH#ISRAVICONIA2                             1

RH#ISRAVICONIA3                             1


RH#ISRAVICONIATIMER                     1087687

RH#ISRAWASINBGI                            1

RH#QARTALKS                                  4


#9 -Guest-

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Posted 12 March 2014 - 11:30 AM

Odd, after editing the variables for israromanceative and israneeraromance again, the change sticks. Isra will now initiate flirts by herself and the flirt menu provides additional options. Huzzah!


Thank you for your support so far, Rhaella. I do enjoy your NPC, and dearly hope the experience will be less shaky from now on.


Kind regards